Hydrogen peroxide injections intravenously

Properties of hydrogen peroxide

The main medicinal properties of hydrogen peroxide (chemical formula H2O2) have long been known, which makes it possible to use this drug at home traditionally for the external treatment of skin lesions.


  1. Bactericidal. In the course of research, it was found that hydrogen peroxide, even at low concentrations (from 0.001 to 0.1%), actively inhibits the development of microorganisms. At levels above 0.1%, the drug causes the death of various bacteria.
  2. Antiseptic. When washing wounds and scratches, they are effectively cleansed of contaminants, which helps prevent further infection and suppuration.
  3. Whitening. When used correctly, it is possible to noticeably lighten tooth enamel.

What is the essence of hydrogen peroxide treatment?

Professor Neumyvakin advises taking hydrogen peroxide every day for the treatment and prevention of many diseases. Thanks to this remedy, the internal cells of the body are saturated with oxygen, toxins are destroyed, the acid-base balance is normalized, which promotes tissue regeneration and rejuvenation of the entire body.

The essence of the method of cleansing the body using hydrogen peroxide is that the product, by acting, helps get rid of fungal, viral, bacterial infections, prevent the development of atherosclerosis, the development of tumors, fight colds and acute respiratory viral infections, prevent depression, rejuvenate the body and alleviate various kind of disease. The effect of hydrogen peroxide on the body is very wide, so I would like to dwell on some of the main points.


To understand the essence of I.P. Neumyvakin’s method and understand what diseases hydrogen peroxide treats, it is necessary to note that this chemical element decomposes to form a molecule of water and atomic oxygen, which acts as a powerful antioxidant.

A sufficient concentration of atomic oxygen in the body helps eliminate and actively prevent oxygen starvation of tissue cells, eliminate pathogenic microflora, and destroy free radicals.

It should be noted that the body produces hydrogen peroxide, as a source of atomic oxygen, by cells of the immune system. With any negative disruptions in the functioning of the defense mechanism, there is a deficiency of this most important element, which provokes the development of diseases.

It is in such a situation that I.P. Neumyvakin suggests taking full advantage of the available drug in order to restore the balance of atomic oxygen necessary for health in the body.

What diseases can be cured with hydrogen peroxide?

What diseases can be cured using Neumyvakin’s method of using hydrogen peroxide? The professor names a whole huge list:

  • sinusitis, bronchitis, sore throat, ARVI, influenza;
  • myocardial infarction;
  • type 2 diabetes mellitus;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • strokes;
  • osteochondrosis;
  • paradontosis;
  • heart diseases.

Moreover, the professor claims that with the help of hydrogen peroxide you can get rid of cancerous tumors. The product also perfectly stimulates the immune system and activates all vital organs and systems of the human body.

Advantages and disadvantages

Hydrogen peroxide is odorless, colorless liquid, easily soluble in water.


  • availability and low price of the drug;
  • wide scope of use;
  • fast solubility;
  • absence of harmful substances during decomposition.

When taken and applied externally, hydrogen peroxide does not cause allergies.

Among the disadvantages is the possibility of loss of performance, since this chemical compound is unstable.

When exposed to light, it begins to decompose at room conditions, so storage vessels should be opaque. The disadvantage is that it is slow to obtain a positive result.

Basic oral intake

In the description of Neumyvakin’s method, the emphasis is on taking a specially prepared solution based on hydrogen peroxide (3%) orally at home, adhering to a specific dosage regimen:

On the first day, every eight hours, dissolve 1 drop of the drug in 50 ml of filtered water and drink immediately. You should observe a half-hour interval before meals or use the product an hour and a half after finishing the meal.

Increase the serving by 1 drop daily. When it reaches 10 drops, take a three-day break. Then the dose does not change, amounting to 10 drops. Neumyvakin recommends alternating three days of use with a break of the same length.

If heaviness, pain or other discomfort occurs, the dose is reduced. Vitamin C intake is recommended.

How to drink hydrogen peroxide to cleanse the body

how to drink hydrogen peroxide

The main active ingredient in the treatment course is 3% peroxide (the most common form of the drug). Be sure to check the expiration date of the medicine and whether it is certified. If the product has already been used for some time, it is better to buy a new package. Store it in a dry, dark place.

Neumyvakin claims that the drug is taken only in diluted form. The course of treatment begins with 1-2 drops diluted in a tablespoon of clean water. The dosage is increased daily by one drop until it reaches 10 drops. The maximum amount should not be more than 30 drops! The amount of water does not change!

The diluted product is taken in the morning on an empty stomach, before the first breakfast. After taking, refrain from eating and drinking for an hour. Then you can eat normally, but it is better to avoid fried and smoked foods, fast food and alcohol. In order to support the body during a stressful period, it is necessary to replenish the supply of vitamin C - sweet peppers, white cabbage, citrus fruits, and rosehip decoction.

Hydrogen peroxide should be taken at the same time every day. If your schedule is very different on weekdays and weekends, make up the best dosage option for yourself. Never, even at the last stage of therapy, take the drug undiluted - otherwise, you risk developing problems with the digestive tract.


To understand whether harm is possible during treatment using the Neumyvakin method, the properties of this drug are taken into account. If all recommendations for dosages and duration of therapy are followed, there are no contraindications for internal administration of hydrogen peroxide.

If, under the supervision of a physician, intramuscular or intravenous administration of specially prepared solutions based on this drug is indicated, then these procedures are prohibited in the following serious pathological conditions:

  • capillarotoxicosis - inflammation of small vessels;
  • hemophilia - a blood clotting disorder;
  • DIC syndrome - increased formation of blood clots;
  • thrombocytopenic purpura - platelet deficiency;
  • afibrinogenemia - lack of fibrinogen, which is responsible for blood clotting;
  • hemetic anemia - excessive destruction of red blood cells.

Doctor Ivan Pavlovich Neumyvakin

The popularizer and practitioner of peroxide treatment is Professor I.P. Neumyvakin. He has been conducting research for more than half a century; previously he was involved in medical support for the launches of Soviet cosmonauts into Earth orbit. All the therapy methods that Professor Neumyvakin popularizes have been personally tested and applied daily.

He has followers all over the world. One foreign “businessman” invented a miracle drug for most diseases, gave it a catchy name, and began selling it. When checking the chemical composition of the “miracle” remedy, it turned out that it was ordinary peroxide with the addition of a small amount of other chemicals.

Do not use concentrated peroxide! Low concentration aqueous solutions are used.

Treatment of various diseases

Many recipes with hydrogen peroxide are used in traditional medicine, being recognized as safe and effective in getting rid of a wide range of diseases. This eliminates the possibility of performing injections on your own.

In the proposed recipes, pharmaceutical three percent hydrogen peroxide is used to prepare solutions.

If a different concentration is required, it is reflected in the description of the treatment method.


If adenoids are found in an adult, it is recommended to combine pharmacy calendula tincture, peroxide and baking soda in equal parts. Stir until all particles dissolve. It is recommended to instill two to five drops into each nasal passage three times a day. The course is 10 days.


It is possible to effectively alleviate the condition of adenoma if you use the method proposed by Neumyvakin of taking H2O2 orally, focusing on the basic scheme.


One intravenous injection is given every week. For the first procedure, the concentration of the hydrogen peroxide solution is maintained at 0.06%. Then a richer variety (0.15%) is prepared. Course - 20 sessions. After a month's break, repeat.


To speed up recovery when a sore throat develops, 1 tsp. peroxide is stirred in 75 ml of heated water and the inflamed tonsils are thoroughly rinsed. Repeat up to five times a day.


Pour a quarter glass of water into a small bowl. Dissolve two teaspoons of H2O2 in it. Soak gauze folded in six layers and apply it to the inflamed joint. Cover with a moisture-proof film and wrap in a soft woolen scarf. After an hour, the compress is removed. The skin is lubricated with a nourishing cream.

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Neumyvakin believes that to alleviate the condition during the development of bronchial asthma, it is useful to use hydrogen peroxide.

To relieve an acute asthmatic attack, one intravenous injection of 100 ml of peroxide solution with a concentration of 0.15% is done. A favorable result is observed after 5-6 hours.

Vascular atherosclerosis

Hydrogen peroxide has the ability to oxidize fats that accumulate on vascular walls. This allows you to eliminate atherosclerosis and also prevent its occurrence.

Intravenous infusions are practiced. On the first day, prepare a solution with a weak concentration (0.03%), dissolving 2 ml of peroxide in 200 ml of saline solution. For the following procedures, it is necessary to dissolve 10 ml of the drug in 200 ml. A total of 20 daily procedures are required.

If, according to the doctor, another course is required, then take a two-month break.

Parkinson's disease

The onset of shaking palsy causes serious suffering. Along with prescribing a dairy-vegetable diet, it is practiced to inject into the nose a solution of 15 drops of hydrogen peroxide diluted in 1 tbsp. l. water. For the first two days, you should pour one pipette of the product into each nostril, and then increase the dosage to three pipettes.


Dense horny round formations caused by a virus look unaesthetic and require removal. It is necessary to take undiluted peroxide (3%) into a pipette the evening before bed and apply it to each individual wart. Before going to bed, wait for the drug to dry. Continue until the skin is completely cleansed.


With the development of a complicated inflammatory process on the mucous membranes of the bronchi, treatment is carried out with hydrogen peroxide according to a certain scheme:

  1. On the first day, a 0.15% solution of the drug (250 ml) is administered intravenously, which promotes the removal of sputum.
  2. Then the same solution is used intravenously once a week. A total of 6 procedures will be required.

The condition is alleviated by a compress, for which 2 tsp. hydrogen peroxide is diluted in 50 ml of water. Soak a soft cotton napkin folded in four. Place it on the sore area, covering it with film and securing it with a thick woolen scarf. Leave for an hour.

Varicose veins

With loss of elasticity, the veins dilate, pain and swelling appear.

Compresses help well. Cotton pads should be soaked in hydrogen peroxide (3%). Fixes them on the affected area for 25 minutes. Repeat three times a day.


Inflammation of the mucous membranes of the maxillary sinus causes serious suffering due to severe pain.

For treatment, dilute 10 to 15 drops of peroxide in 1 tbsp. l. filtered water. On the first day, pour a full pipette into each nostril. Then double the dosage. Repeat until the condition improves and the painful manifestations disappear.


Pour warm water into a cup - 50 ml. Stir H2O2 in it - 10 drops. Drink once a day before meals (30 minutes). The course lasts 10 days.


In addition to using peroxide internally according to the basic regimen, Neumyvakin recommends peroxide microenemas. You will need 250 ml of pre-boiled water, cooled to room temperature, in which 1 tsp is diluted. H2O2. Inject ¼ of the prepared solution into the rectum, trying to hold it for a long time. Two more daily treatments will be required.

You can make lotions. Soak a cotton swab in peroxide and press it onto the inflamed area for a minute. You can repeat after a quarter of an hour. During the day, the total amount of direct exposure to the drug does not exceed 30 minutes.


According to the recommendations of Professor Neumyvakin, peroxide, which has unique capabilities, should be used internally in strict accordance with the algorithm of the basic scheme.


The herpes virus appears when the immune system is weakened and the body is hypothermic.

For treatment, it is recommended to dissolve hydrogen peroxide in a quarter glass of purified water, measuring 2 tsp. Soak a gauze swab in the solution, wring it out lightly and apply it to the rash for 5 minutes. Repeat the procedure every 8 hours. After such a compress, the bubbles are lubricated with antiviral agents.


In order to reduce blood pressure, Neumyvakin recommends a basic regimen of using peroxide.

If, upon reaching a dose of 10 drops per 50 ml of water, dizziness, sweating, weakness, rapid pulse, and drowsiness are felt, the dosage should be reduced to 5-6 drops.


Pour warm water into a cup - 200 ml. Hydrogen peroxide is injected - 1 tsp. After active mixing, use to rinse the mouth. It is advisable to carry out the procedure up to 6 times a day.

It is useful to add three drops of peroxide to toothpaste during morning and evening hygiene measures.


A sore throat should be gargled with peroxide, a tablespoon of which is dissolved in half a glass of warm water. Then be sure to rinse the mouth with clean water. Four to five procedures are performed per day.

Nail fungus

If a fungal infection develops - mycoses on the toenails, it is necessary to rinse the feet well with warm water. Then the affected nails are generously lubricated with hydrogen peroxide. Before going to bed, put on cotton socks soaked in this drug.


With the development of such a serious pathology as non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, it is recommended to administer 250 ml of hydrogen peroxide with a concentration of 0.15% intravenously for 10 days. Then preventive infusions are performed every 30 days.

Intestinal dysbiosis

The use of peroxide for internal use, carried out in strict accordance with the basic scheme developed by I. P. Neumyvakin, is shown.

Women's diseases

If inflammation of the cervical canal of a viral nature develops, it is recommended to take warm baths every 6 hours. To do this, pour water heated to 37 degrees into a basin, add ½ tsp for every 3 liters. peroxide. The duration of the procedure is 15 minutes. Course - 14 days.

Wen (lipomas)

Dissolve two crystals of potassium permanganate in 200 ml of chilled boiling water.

You should get a very light pink liquid, which is used to wipe the lipomas for two minutes.

Then they are lubricated with castor oil. After 20 minutes, a gauze swab is soaked in hydrogen peroxide (10%) and this compress is fixed on the wen for 6 hours.

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On an empty stomach after waking up in the morning, drink water, poured into a copper container in the evening (you will need 200 ml), in which peroxide is diluted, measuring 10 drops.


To cope with such a fungal disease, it is recommended to give intravenous injections of the solution once a week, maintaining its concentration at 0.15%. A total of 10 procedures will be required.

You can do vaginal douching twice a day by dissolving hydrogen peroxide - 1 tbsp in a liter of warm (not higher than 40˚C) water. l.


To get rid of an ovarian cyst, you need 2 tbsp. l. dissolve peroxide in water heated to 36 degrees. Inject the solution into the vagina using a syringe, holding the liquid for a quarter of an hour. Sessions are performed twice a day. The duration of the course is a week. Then they switch to one-time daily sessions. When noticeable improvement occurs, practice once every 7 days.


To treat ringworm, add 1 tsp. hydrogen peroxide camphor oil - 2 drops. This composition is smeared on the affected area of ​​the skin, and a piece of rough fabric is fixed on top. After 45 minutes, take a break for 5 hours and repeat the procedure.


In addition to taking peroxide orally according to the basic scheme developed by Neumyvakin, douching is performed. Prepare a solution of the drug in slightly warmed water, maintaining a ratio of 1:11. Pour into a syringe and immediately perform the procedure. Retain the fluid in the vagina for a minute, and repeat the procedure twice more.


If you receive mild burns without blistering, prepare a peroxide solution (1%), soak a cotton pad in it and apply it to the redness for 7 minutes. Repeat twice a day.

The next day, take a three percent drug, performing the manipulations as before.


Soak a soft linen or cotton cloth with peroxide. Fix it with a film and a scarf for 15 minutes on the painful area of ​​the spine. Sessions are repeated daily until the symptoms causing suffering disappear.

Teeth whitening

Peroxide, which has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties, helps get rid of inflammatory gum diseases, removes plaque and serves as the prevention of caries.

To whiten tooth enamel, add five drops of peroxide to half a teaspoon of baking soda. Place the mixture on a cotton pad and wipe the tooth surfaces, gently massaging the gums for three to five minutes. It is recommended to carry out the procedures in the morning and before bedtime.

To avoid excessive sensitivity of the enamel, repeat once a week.


If papillomas appear on the skin, it is recommended to spot-smear them with undiluted hydrogen peroxide (3%) every five hours.

Periodontal disease, periodontitis

With the development of periodontal disease or periodontitis, peroxide may be effective at the initial stage.

It is recommended to rinse your mouth every six hours by dissolving 10 drops of the drug in half a glass of water.

It is also recommended to rub a mixture of baking soda into the affected gums - ½ tsp. and peroxide - 3 drops.

Spread the mixture on a cotton pad and treat the gums with gentle massaging movements once a day for a month.


In order to combat lice, it is necessary to dilute the peroxide in water, maintaining a 1:2 ratio. Generously moisten the scalp with the product using a sponge. After 20 minutes, wash off the composition. Dried hair is combed using a fine comb to remove the comb of nits. When done correctly, it is possible to get rid of parasites in one procedure.

Dandruff (hair)

Twice a week it is recommended to rub three percent H2O2 into the scalp without dilution. After 15-20 minutes, wash off the drug with warm water.


An enema works effectively. You will need to dilute hydrogen peroxide - 5 drops - in slightly warmed water - 250 ml. With this concentration, enemas are performed daily in the evening.

After three days, the amount of the drug is increased to 10 drops and the procedure is continued for three more days. Repeat the course after 2 months. At the same time, oral administration is carried out, following the algorithm of the basic Neumyvakin scheme.

Intravenous infusions with a concentration determined by the doctor individually are useful.

Nasal polyps

It is recommended to rinse the nasal mucosa by dissolving 25 drops of peroxide in half a glass of warm water. For the procedure, a miniature syringe, a special teapot with a long spout, or a syringe without a needle are used.


Before starting therapeutic measures using peroxide orally according to the basic scheme, Neumyvakin recommends cleansing the intestines. The treatment course lasts 20 days.


According to Neumyvakin, it is useful to take peroxide, focusing on the description of the basic scheme.


Hydrogen peroxide is diluted with water in a ratio of 1:2. Using cotton swabs, each individual comedone is applied to the spot. For 14 days, the procedure is performed daily. Then sessions are carried out every other day.


To cleanse the skin of rashes, it is necessary to treat them morning and evening with peroxide, without diluting it.

You can make compresses once a day, for which 3 tsp are diluted in 100 ml of chilled boiling water. peroxide. Soak cotton wool and apply to the affected areas. Cover with film and secure the compress with a scarf. Leave for 1.5 hours. A positive result is observed after a month.


When malignant tumors appear, it is recommended to take the healing solution orally in accordance with the basic method.

Neumyvakin also recommends that when external tumors develop, apply cotton swabs soaked in 15% peroxide to them. After a few days, the concentration is adjusted to 30%.


It is recommended to carefully wash small cuts and scratches with dirt particles in them with hydrogen peroxide. If the wound does not bleed, you should wait for the drug to dry, and then, if necessary, apply a sterile bandage.

Multiple sclerosis

In addition to taking peroxide internally according to the basic regimen, intravenous injections help a lot. The dosage is 150 ml. The solution is prepared with a concentration of 0.15%. Infusions are given every other day. The course consists of 12 injections. Repeat after 3 weeks.

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Rhinitis (runny nose)

The success of treating a runny nose depends on the speed of taking action.

It is recommended to soak gauze turundas with peroxide and keep them in the nasal passages for 10 minutes.

You can instill 5 drops of the solution, for which it is stirred in 1 tbsp. l. warm water 15 drops of peroxide. Washing helps a lot. Dissolve 1 tsp. peroxide in slightly warmed water - 100 ml. Draw it into a small syringe and rinse the nasal passages one by one.


To combat rosacea that does not have a strong inflammatory nature, you will need undiluted hydrogen peroxide (3%).

Using a cotton swab soaked in the preparation, treat each formation separately. Repeat twice a day. If acne does not disappear after a week, you should consult a dermatologist.


A tablespoon of peroxide is dissolved in 175 ml of heated water. Rinse the mouth without swallowing liquid for five minutes every 4-5 hours.


Compresses help well with joint lesions. Pour 100 ml of chilled boiling water into a bowl and dilute peroxide in it - 2 tbsp. l. Soak a piece of soft cotton fabric, folding it in four layers. Apply to the painful area, cover with film and wrap with a downy scarf. Removed in an hour.

Dry calluses

Peroxide is used for baths. For a liter of warm water take 3 tbsp. l. drug. Keep your feet in the liquid for 10 minutes. If dry calluses are old, then extend the time to 20 minutes. After thoroughly drying your feet, spread moisturizer over the skin. Repeat twice a week.

Tonsillitis (chronic)

Rinsing with peroxide is recommended in the autumn-winter period, when exacerbations of the disease are possible. For the procedure, dissolve in slightly warmed water - 200 ml of the drug - 1 tbsp. l. After thorough kneading, gargling is carried out. After finishing the session, the oral cavity is rinsed with clean water.

Cracked heels

To soften, pour 1.5 liters of warm water into a basin. Peroxide is diluted in it - 4 tbsp. l. Lower your feet for 20 minutes. Sessions are held in the evening.


It is recommended to irrigate the vagina using a syringe with a solution of hydrogen peroxide. It is dissolved in water heated to a comfortable temperature in a ratio of 1:2. Two procedures are performed per day.

If the dynamics are positive, they begin to douche only in the evening, and then it is advisable to do it every two days.

Trophic ulcers

In order to heal trophic ulcers, soak a soft linen napkin with hydrogen peroxide (3%) and hold it on the affected area for 40 minutes. At the same time, they practice internal administration of the drug, maintaining the sequence outlined by Neumyvakin in the basic scheme.


Douching with peroxide, which should be diluted with warm water, maintaining a ratio of 1:11, is beneficial. Pour into a syringe and insert into the vagina. The total duration of the manipulation should not exceed 15 minutes. For about three days, douching is performed twice a day. Then he switches to one-time procedures. Their total number should exceed 10 for the entire course.


Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is treated with intravenous infusions. It involves using a solution with a concentration of 0.15% in an amount of 250 ml once a week. There are 7 sessions.

Noise in my head

The occurrence of constant intrusive noise in the head causes serious discomfort.

To alleviate the condition, it is recommended to drop a pipette of unique hydrogen peroxide into each nostril, which is dissolved in 1 tbsp. l. You will need 15 drops of water.


In order to normalize the activity of the thyroid gland, peroxide should be taken orally according to Neumyvakin’s basic scheme.


If eczema develops on the skin, it is recommended to treat the surface with undiluted three percent peroxide. After drying, soak a soft cotton napkin with mummy solution (2%) and keep it for 15 minutes. The session is performed once a day. The course lasts two months.


Perform daily douching, dissolving 2 tbsp. l. peroxide in a liter of water warmed to 36 degrees. The result is a reduction in inflammation. The procedure is carried out in combination with medication procedures prescribed by the doctor.

Stomach ulcer

Professor Neumyvakin for stomach ulcers recommends using a basic regimen of taking peroxide orally with strict adherence to the entire sequence.

Treatment with hydrogen peroxide according to Neumyvakin - how to take it?

So, how to properly take hydrogen peroxide internally for treatment.
The professor advises starting with a small dose: 1-2 drops of a 3% peroxide solution per 50 ml of clean water. You should definitely take the medicine half an hour before meals three times a day. At least 1.5 hours should pass between doses. Every day the rate of peroxide needs to be increased by one drop, and so to reach ten drops. After this, you should take a break for three to five days. It is necessary to resume treatment with 10 drops of solution, the amount of which can no longer be increased. The duration of the course of treatment is determined by the person independently, but we must not forget about regular breaks. There is also intravenous administration of peroxide solution, which, of course, should only be carried out under the supervision of a doctor. The drug is injected into a vein very slowly, starting with a dose of 0.3-0.4 ml per 20 ml of saline, gradually increasing the dosage by 0.1 cc. Injections should be performed every day for a week. Then you should take a break of 2-3 weeks and resume taking it, performing 2-3 procedures per week.

Variants of hydrogen peroxide solutions

As mentioned above, a three percent solution of hydrogen peroxide is used for treatment. However, in the treatment of various diseases it is combined with other drugs to obtain a faster and more effective effect.

The drug is taken orally only in diluted form. Peroxide is diluted in half a glass of ordinary clean water, with the maximum possible dose of the medicine being 10 drops at a time. The maximum permissible safe dose per day is no more than 30 drops.

The drug is used externally in the form of rinses or compresses. You cannot use “pure” 3% peroxide for compresses, as this can lead to tissue burns. For such procedures, a 0.5-1 percent medicine is suitable. When treating skin fungus or warts, it is recommended to use a 6-15% peroxide solution, however, it should be applied locally.

Compresses with hydrogen peroxide

Effective for many diseases, such as skin rashes, pain in different parts of the body, headaches, etc., compresses with hydrogen peroxide. 2 teaspoons of a 3% solution should be diluted in 50 ml of clean water. Cotton fabric is moistened in the resulting solution, applied to the problem area, then covered with film and wrapped in woolen material. Such a compress should be left on the sore spot for 15 minutes to one hour, depending on the location of the pain. After this procedure, you can also wipe areas of the body with a cloth soaked in a pure 3% solution. It is recommended to apply compresses in the morning and evening until complete recovery.

Opinions and reviews of doctors on treatment with hydrogen peroxide according to Neumyvakin

Traditionally, doctors' opinions on treatment with hydrogen peroxide according to Neumyvakin were divided. Some fully support his theory and even continue to develop it, while others consider such treatment to be ineffective and even destructive for the human body.

I would like to note that, in fact, there is still no officially proven case of recovery of patients when treated with hydrogen peroxide, but, at the same time, there are no confirming cases of deterioration in health with this method.

According to the opinion and reviews of many doctors, treatment with this drug is very doubtful, because the therapeutic effect of the drug, as a local drug, is transferred to the treatment of all organs. And this, you see, in itself is absurd. In order to draw final conclusions about the benefits or harms of a method, a number of numerous experiments should be conducted beforehand. Then the effect of the treatment can be proven. Today, medicine does not have data on the effectiveness of peroxide treatment; the use of the drug for the treatment of serious, and especially deadly, diseases is practically meaningless and can be harmful to health. Moreover, for two reasons at once: firstly, the unclear effects of peroxide on the human body, and, secondly, the loss of precious time in helpless attempts to be cured by dubious methods of alternative medicine.

IMPORTANT! If you have any health problems, contact a professional doctor!

Ear treatment

Various pathologies developing in the ear area require immediate treatment to avoid serious complications. Hydrogen peroxide is often used in such situations.


Dissolve 15 drops of an antiseptic drug in 30 ml of warm boiled water. First, lie on one side and pour half of the solution into the ear. After 10 minutes, the head is turned to the other side, allowing the liquid to flow out, and then an infusion is carried out into the second ear.

Hearing loss

Neumyvakin advises preparing a peroxide solution with a concentration of 0.5% at the first signs of hearing loss. Soak cotton pads in it, which are inserted into the ear canals, leaving for 10 minutes. After a week, the concentration can be increased to 1%, and then to 3%.

Sulfur plugs

Lie on your side and pour in undiluted three percent peroxide - 10 drops. They lie there for 10 minutes, and then turn over and repeat the instillation. A terry cloth is placed on the pillow, where the liquid will flow out. After 15 minutes, use a cotton swab to carefully remove traces of softened wax from the edges of the ear canal. Repeat daily for a week.

Neumyvakin’s recommendations for conducting the preparatory period

When starting health procedures using sodium bicarbonate and hydrogen peroxide, you need to understand that in order to achieve a positive result, it is important to carry out a preliminary cleansing of the body.

Colon cleansing

If it is not possible to turn to specialists and carry out colon hydrotherapy, which is a deep and complete cleansing of the large intestine, then enemas are practiced at home using an Esmarch mug.

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Options for solutions for cleansing enemas:

  • Cool the boiled water to room temperature. Take 2 liters and stir apple cider vinegar - 1 tbsp. l. You can take currant, cranberry or lemon juice.
  • Beetroot has a good effect, as it additionally saturates the body with potassium and magnesium, which is beneficial for muscles. It is necessary to wash and peel beets weighing 800 g. Using a fine grater, turn the vegetable into a pulp, which is transferred to an enamel pan. Pour in 1.5 liters of hot water. Boil on low heat for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally. Wrap in a terry towel and leave for another hour. After filtering, the enema broth is diluted with warm water 1:10.5.

When performing the procedure, the tip of the Esmarch mug is lubricated with soap and inserted into the also lubricated anus in a knee-elbow position. While the liquid is flowing out, take deep breaths, sticking out your stomach. After a short delay, exhale calmly. Such movements contribute to deeper penetration of the solution into the intestines.

When all the liquid is in the large intestine, inhale and exhale with your stomach several times. In order to achieve complete cleansing, carefully lie on your back, raise your legs, involving your pelvis as high as possible in the movement.

Then they turn over onto their right side, taking several breaths in and out with their stomach. They lie on their backs and slowly get up to release softened toxins. You can repeat the procedure after 10 minutes, which will facilitate the complete release of rotting protein films that are firmly attached to the intestinal mucosa.

Liver cleansing

The second preparatory stage is liver cleansing. It is advisable to select 4 days for the session, two of which will be weekends.

For three days they practice a vegetarian, protein-free diet, and also drink choleretic teas. It is recommended to consume more sour apples, including in the form of fresh juice. An enema is performed every day.

Algorithm for the procedure on day 4:

  • 15-00. Take a choleretic agent, for example, Allochol - 2 tablets.
  • Since attacks of nausea may occur during the procedure, place a crushed garlic clove in a small jar under the lid. You can smell it if necessary.
  • 18-00. Taken to prevent painful manifestations of No-Shpu - 2 tablets. If pressure surges are observed, then one tablet is enough. They drink hot tea with lemon and decoctions based on dried apricots.
  • 18-30. Warm up for 15 minutes in a warm bath.
  • 19-00 Go to bed with a heating pad placed on the right side in the hypochondrium. Drink a slightly warmed mixture of 100 ml of olive (or other refined vegetable) oil with lemon (cranberry, lingonberry) juice - 100 ml. If it is difficult to do this in one gulp, consume in three servings with an interval of 10 to 15 minutes. Getting up and walking is not recommended.

If after about 4-8 hours pain appears in the right side under the ribs, you should take Allohol - 2 tablets and No-Shpu - 1 tablet, warm up in the bath. Then you should jump a little and lie back under the blanket.

The urge begins in the morning. At 12:00 an enema is given. If your health allows, repeat the procedure starting at 15-00. Such sessions are carried out twice a year.

Joint cleaning

Cleansing sessions for joints will take 13 days.

During the first three days they drink a healing decoction. For this, in the evening, put 5 g of bay leaves in an enamel saucepan. Pour in 300 ml of hot water. Boil on low heat for 8 minutes. Keep it under a napkin until the morning. After filtering, drink 1 tbsp. l. with short breaks so that the entire volume of the decoction is consumed by the evening.

Then a ten-day interval is arranged, and then the reception is repeated for another three days.

Blood cleansing

I. P. Neumyvakin recommends performing blood purification using a method that involves the use of ginger tea.


  • Pour dry ginger into an enamel pan, ground to a powder - 1.5 g.
  • Pour in boiling water - 1.5 liters.
  • Place the pan on the fire and simmer the contents at low heat for 15 minutes.
  • Add ground black pepper at the tip of a knife and cook for another 5 minutes.
  • After removing from the stove, cool the broth to room temperature.
  • Add honey - 3 tbsp. l.

Take a third of a glass of ginger broth, mixed with the same volume of lemon juice and slightly warmed water, half an hour before breakfast, lunch, dinner. Store ginger tea in a glass container under a lid in the lower section of the refrigerator. The course lasts seven days.

Breathing according to Neumyvakin

It is impossible to quickly feel the healing effect by practicing only the use of such beneficial soda and an equally important source of atomic oxygen, which is hydrogen peroxide.

I. P. Neumyvakin gives useful advice, for example, about proper breathing. According to him, it is necessary to master the technique of breathing without breathing, which allows you to maintain a harmonious balance between carbon dioxide and oxygen. The result is the elimination of spasms that occur in the capillaries and serve as the root cause of diseases.

The exercise is performed in the following order:

  • Take a short breath.
  • Exhale part of the air and hold further breath for as long as possible.
  • Exhale the remaining air.
  • After several deep breaths and exhalations, repeat the procedure.

There should be at least five such approaches at a time. Gradually increase the time of holding your breath. The exercise is repeated throughout the day, ensuring that it takes at least one hour in total.

Another type of breathing exercises is beneficial. It consists of performing a short (1 second) inhalation and a long (up to 10 seconds) smooth exhalation. Due to carbon dioxide retention, spasms are relieved and blood vessels dilate. This effect helps to normalize metabolic processes and improve blood supply.

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For the elderly and people with a sedentary lifestyle living in multi-storey buildings, I. P. Neumyvakin offers an interesting method of improving health that does not require going to a sports hall or gym.

Having caught their breath, they stop at the first step. Inhale, then exhale a small part of the air and quickly, holding your breath, rise up.

When a lack of oxygen begins to be felt, they stop and exhale the remaining air. Having restored the normal breathing rhythm, they rise to the desired floor.

The same technique is practiced during descent. At first it is possible to climb several steps without breathing, but their number increases every day. The benefit is to strengthen the lungs, nerves, heart, blood vessels, and muscles. Weight is gradually reduced and metabolic processes are normalized.

How to eat healthy

Taking into account many years of experience, I. P. Neumyvakin argues that treatment with soda and peroxide will not bring maximum effectiveness if you do not reconsider your eating habits.

It is recommended to maintain separate meals and follow several important rules:

  • In the morning, preferably before 7 o'clock, you need to drink water - a glass at room temperature. Then, until the evening, consume 70 ml every 3 hours. This habit helps remove stagnant bile, which provokes the formation of stones. Drink liquid before meals - a quarter of an hour. You can drink water after meals - after 1.5 hours. Immediately after the meal, the mouth is rinsed and spat. The benefits will be more noticeable if you drink melt water.
  • It is necessary to prepare food with good positive thoughts. You cannot sit down at the table in an angry mood.

It is important to maintain the optimal ratio of the main components of the products. A large share (≈ 55%) falls on plant varieties (fruits, berries, juices, vegetables).

Animal and plant proteins (lean meat, fish, nuts, legumes, soft-boiled eggs) should not exceed 20%. Carbohydrates (potatoes, flour products, sweets, honey) are allocated from 30 to 35%.

The smallest share (from 5 to 10%) falls on fats (pork lard, seeds, ghee, vegetable oil).

Plant species are eaten before carbohydrate and protein foods are consumed - approximately 8 minutes. In old age, the proportion of animal proteins is reduced.

  • It is not recommended to eat protein and carbohydrate foods at the same time. They are individually combined with plant varieties. If you consumed protein foods, then carbohydrate foods are allowed after 4 hours. The interval after carbohydrate food before eating protein food is 3 hours.
  • It is necessary to remove fatty types of broths, fried foods, confectionery, sausages, pastries, and cookies from the diet.
  • It is advisable to consume 30 to 40 g of sugar per day, and about 3 g of salt.
  • The food is chewed slowly until the specific taste disappears. In this case, the feeling of fullness occurs faster, helping to reduce the amount of food absorbed. The result is weight normalization.
  • You need to eat food after cooking. Long-term storage and repeated heating destroys nutritional value and does not benefit the body.
  • Excessively hot foods and drinks are excluded. The optimal temperature is between 35 and 38˚C.
  • Since the digestion process requires significant energy expenditure, it is recommended to take a half-hour rest immediately after a meal. Sleep is excluded during this period.
  • Don't overload your stomach. They consume food on average 4 times a day in small portions.
  • The closing time for dinner is 19:00.
  • It is helpful to do a weekly fast of 24-36 hours. During this period, drink fresh juices or eat fruits. You can fast on melt water.
  • To prevent waste materials from remaining in the intestines, you need to move a lot.

These rules must be followed if the body has been cleansed, as well as during wellness sessions, including with hydrogen peroxide or sodium bicarbonate.


Hydrogen peroxide helps clear Anubias, which is a hard-leaved aquarium plant, from the colonization of green algae. You can add 2 ml of the drug directly to the aquarium per 10 liters of volume. Use a syringe, directing the stream directly at the plant.

In case of severe overgrowth, it is recommended to treat Anubias removed from the aquarium with a more concentrated solution, dissolving 5 ml of the drug per 10 liters of liquid.

Hydrogen peroxide amazingly allows you to improve the condition of the body in various diseases. All proposed methods are available for independent implementation, except for intravenous administration of solutions, which must be carried out by an experienced specialist.

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