Medicinal properties of coin loosestrife, contraindications, recipes for herbal tea and tinctures
Golden stars of flowers on bright green creeping vines - this is it, beloved by the villagers of the medieval
How to treat cracked heels at home
Cracked heels are an annoying problem that many people face. Of course the legs
Peas - beneficial properties and contraindications of beans
Composition Benefits of peas: considered a valuable source of plant proteins, carbohydrates and other vitamins. However, his
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Are there effective ways to combat a sagging belly and sides in a short time?
Effective ways to treat plantar warts at home
How to remove warts on your feet yourself using medical and folk remedies
Before steaming a wart, you need to understand how such new growths appear on the surface of the skin.
treatment of bacterial vaginosis with folk remedies
Bacterial vaginosis and folk remedies for its treatment
Bacterial vaginosis, otherwise called gardnerellosis or dysbacteriosis, is a little-studied but widespread
Treatment of cancer with folk remedies, the most effective
Treatment of cancer with folk remedies Traditional healers attribute antitumor activity to such herbs as: sedum, hemlock,
Ginger for low and high blood pressure
Can ginger root be used at fever? Ginger is a well-known plant that has found widespread
Celandine for nail fungus on the hands and feet: recipes, reviews
Composition and beneficial properties of the plant The beneficial properties of celandine are due to its composition, which includes:
What causes xanthelasma and how is it treated?
Causes Symptoms Diagnostics Treatment Our advantages Price Xanthelasmas of the eyelids look like small single or
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