Medicinal properties and contraindications of iris
What does iris look like and where does it grow? The culture has several variant names: killer whale; flatbread; suitcase;
Walnut - benefits, harm, use in folk medicine
Benefits and harms of walnuts, properties, how to use
Walnut (Juglans regia) is the most popular tree of the genus Walnuts (Juglans), belonging to
Horseradish for potency
Horseradish for male potency: recipes and influence
Description of the plant Horseradish is one of those crops that does not require
True bedstraw medicinal properties
True bedstraw medicinal properties
Tenacious bedstraw: description of the plant This annual plant belongs to the Rubiaceae family. Its almost impossible
Chili pepper - benefits and harm to the body and how to eat it?
Chili pepper: beneficial properties and contraindications
Chili pepper: composition This vegetable has long been used to treat various diseases and primarily
"Ringing" family. Why are bells interesting?
Biological description Field bell belongs to the genus of herbaceous plants of the same family, Latin name Campanula
Navel flower
Antemis (Pupavka dyeing) - description
The area of ​​the garden or vegetable garden where the navel grows, which looks like a daisy, attracts attention with bright
Wormwood - medicine or poison?
Annual wormwood
History of the name Today, science knows about 400 species of this plant, the most common
You need to go to the forest for aspen bark from approximately April 20 to June 1, because during this period there is an active movement of sap
Project "Aspen"
Aspen tree description Tree 25-30 m high, up to 1 m in diameter. The crown is rounded,
Plakun herb medicinal properties and contraindications
Useful properties and use of weeping weed Beneficial properties of weepingweed In the chemical composition of weeping weed grass
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