Lymphostasis: treatment with folk remedies, recipes
September 22, 2018 Diseases and conditions Irina Khalus Lymphostasis is a very common problem. Pathology
Tools in a medical clinic
Effective folk remedies for treating boils
Factors of occurrence The causative agent of infection is usually a pyogenic bacterium - Staphylococcus aureus. This bacterium exists
Causes of gum inflammation
How to cure swollen gums at home
Why do gums become inflamed? Diseases of the soft tissues of the oral cavity are usually characterized by an inflammatory process. Such
Is treatment for viral hepatitis C effective with folk remedies?
Hepatitis B is a disease associated with damage to liver cells. The causative agent of viral infection is resistant to
How is stomatitis treated at home?
October 26, 2018 Diseases and conditions Ekaterina Vladimirovna Any disease brings discomfort to a person. Stomatitis
Which folk remedies are the most effective in treating fungus on the body?
Introduction Different areas of the skin can be affected by specific fungal microorganisms that provoke fungus
How to germinate barley at home and why it is needed
Live porridge from sprouted barley Vita, 300 g
Properties of sprouted barley At the initial stage of barley germination, biochemical processes are accelerated, due to which the grains
Effective folk remedies for mosquito bites
Why and what do mosquitoes bite? For female reproduction, a squirrel is needed, and its female
Infection with toxocariasis in the womb
Toxocariasis treatment with folk remedies
Methods of infection Animals can transmit toxocariasis to their children through feeding with milk or
How to lower bilirubin in the blood quickly and effectively
Folk remedies increased bilirubin in the blood treatment
Symptoms of increased bilirubin When the concentration of bilirubin increases, the skin color and
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