Eye of Renaissance - 5 Tibetan rejuvenation exercises

Why is gymnastics called hormonal?

The definition of “hormonal” in the name is due to the fact that many Tibetan gymnastics exercises, often performed in bed, are based on massage movements that stimulate active points, thereby activating the production of adrenaline.

Tibetan hormonal gymnastics is performed daily in the morning in bed. It is suitable for everyone, regardless of gender and age of the student.

As a result of this, the hormonal system begins to work more intensively, tissues and organs are toned, the body is saturated with energy, and a comprehensive rejuvenating effect occurs.

Hormonal gymnastics complex while lying in bed

Exercises of this gymnastics are done while lying in bed after waking up. Best before 6 am. No special skills are required for this, everything is very simple and does not take much time, 5-10 minutes a day is enough. The main thing is to follow the steps of the actions; the exercises are done in combination, and not separately.

Exercise No. 1

Lying on your back, raise your arms up and bring your palms together, then make 10-20 short rubbing movements (palms up and down). With the help of this simple action, the general state of the biofield is diagnosed. If your palms are dry and hot, then everything is fine with the energy of your body, if they are slightly warmed up, then there are some malfunctions, and if they are cold or moistened, then this indicates problems with the vegetative-vascular system and a low level of energy. Regardless of the result, we move on to the next exercise.

What effect does Tibetan gymnastics have?

It is believed that Tibetan monks owe their longevity and good health to special hormonal gymnastics performed right in bed, which must be done every day to achieve maximum effect. This gymnastics has a comprehensive effect on the human body.

The following positive effects can be identified:

  • The functioning of the hormonal system is stabilized, the functioning of the endocrine glands and the production of hormones are normalized.
  • The condition of the cardiovascular system improves, the walls of blood vessels become stronger.
  • Vision becomes clearer and hearing is restored.
  • Fat deposits are reduced and cellulite is eliminated.
  • Mood and tone improve, energy appears.
  • The body rejuvenates, various diseases go away faster, and life expectancy increases.

Tibetan gymnastics. What is Tibetan gymnastics

Tibetan gymnastics are five exercises that can work wonders on our body. This practice is often used for weight loss, although experts claim that it restores lost health and good spirits. The extra pounds will go away, and if the weight is insufficient, it will gain. Tibetan monks call each of the exercises of the technique a ritual.

Tibetan gymnastics restores strength, energizes and improves health

From the point of view of Tibetan medicine, 19 vortexes should rotate in a healthy body. In another way they are called chakras. Together they symbolize the human endocrine system. Each chakra is responsible for certain endocrine glands. When the vortices slow down and do not go beyond the human body, it means that the body is sick or aging.

The exercises are designed to disperse the whirlwinds again, rejuvenating the person and restoring the functioning of the endocrine glands. If we translate it into the language of modern medicine that we understand, this means that gymnastics helps restore healthy hormonal levels.

Daily exercise can:

  • relieve headaches, osteochondrosis;
  • reduce weight;
  • normalize the menstrual cycle;
  • improve hearing and vision;
  • increase joint mobility;
  • increase performance;
  • give a great mood.

If you do gymnastics daily and combine it with proper nutrition, you can reduce your weight by 3–5 kg in a month.

How to perform Tibetan gymnastics correctly

Despite the fact that Tibetan hormonal gymnastics can be performed right in bed, there are certain rules that must be followed. If you do the exercises haphazardly, then you should not expect any quick visible effect.

The following rules must be observed:

  • It is recommended to perform the exercises on an empty stomach, no later than half an hour before meals.
  • Gymnastics should be done while lying on a bed or some other flat, hard surface.
  • Breathing plays the most important role in the exercises - it should be deep and leisurely.
  • For each exercise you need to perform 30 repetitions, and ideally the frequency of movements should be synchronized with the pulse. With this system, performing the exercises included in the gymnastic complex will not take more than 7 minutes.
  • You should not stop exercising if you experience slight pain or discomfort after the first session.
  • After completing the gymnastic complex, experts advise drinking 1 tbsp. warm water, which helps normalize digestion and stimulates the lymphatic system.

  • Tibetan gymnastics classes are categorically incompatible with bad habits.
  • It is very important to monitor the quality of the exercises, for which you need to focus on proper breathing and listen to the state of your own body.
  • The best time for classes is early in the morning, no later than 8 o’clock.
  • The main condition is that classes must be held every day.

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Rules for performing gymnastics in the morning

Charging from Tibetan monks will not take you much time. It is simple, can be practiced at any age, and your physical fitness does not matter at all.

But in order to achieve the maximum effect from classes, you need to strictly follow the rules:

  • The main rule: do gymnastics from 4 to 6 in the morning. Of course, the gymnastics that you do at 8 in the morning will not bring you harm, but it will not bring you the benefit that it should either. It is during this time period – from 4 to 6 am – that “subtle energy” comes, renewal occurs, and those same hormonal changes are ensured.
  • Don't expect instant results. It will be possible to appreciate the magical benefits of gymnastics, as the monks said, only after 20 years. But you will certainly notice positive changes much earlier - after 2-3 months of classes.
  • Don’t stop exercising, even if you are “lazy”, have no time, etc. You cannot fully appreciate the benefits of gymnastics if you do it only because you are in the mood. In addition, energy tends to be disrupted, and even a short break can ruin all your efforts. Exercises need to be done daily! A break not exceeding 2 days of rest from gymnastics is allowed. How to motivate yourself to exercise regularly?
  • Remember the order.
  • Alcohol, tobacco and drugs are absolutely incompatible with Tibetan gymnastics. Smoking, drinking and practicing this technique is the same as losing weight by lying on the bed and eating cakes. It’s even worse, because you can significantly undermine your own health instead of improving it.
  • Make sure you are breathing correctly.
  • Pay attention to your bed. Exercises should be done exclusively while lying down, immediately after you open your eyes in the morning, but under you should not be a feather bed, but an elastic and hard bed.
  • Gymnastics should be done with joy.

Video: Tibetan hormonal gymnastics for health and longevity


Tibetan hormonal gymnastics, performed in bed, is suitable for almost all people, regardless of their age and physical condition.

But there are still some contraindications:

  • hypertension;
  • ulcerative lesions of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • spine pathologies;
  • postoperative period;
  • any mental illness;
  • children up to 16 years of age.

The presence of any of the listed signs does not mean a strict ban on performing gymnastics by Tibetan monks, but implies mandatory consultation with a specialist and an individual approach that takes into account the specific characteristics of the body.

The benefits of hormonal gymnastics

Pleasant results from the technique can be felt after the first lesson. The brain awakens from sleep faster, the body is filled with a charge of vigor and strength. The joints warm up and blood begins to circulate better. But to improve the health of the body and for more noticeable effects, it is necessary to exercise daily for several months.

Here is a list of the positive results that this gymnastics promotes:

  • improved vision and hearing
  • normalization of blood pressure
  • body rejuvenation
  • improving the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract
  • boosting immunity

From the reviews of people who have been practicing this technique for a long time, we can conclude that with its help you can get rid of chronic diseases and even tumors. It seems fantastic that such simple actions can bring such results. Although all this has a completely understandable justification, because during these exercises the points responsible for different organs are massaged, internal energy flows are activated and chakras are opened.

A set of exercises in bed for health improvement and longevity

Tibetan hormonal gymnastics in bed includes a basic set of exercises, the implementation of which will provide a boost of vivacity and energy for the whole day.


  1. Palm massage. Lying on the bed, you need to start rubbing your palms against each other so that they warm up. Monks use this exercise to scan their own biofield: hot palms indicate that the biofield is in order, if the palms do not heat up, the biofield is reduced, and if the hands are wet, some kind of malfunction has occurred or even a disease is observed in the body.

  2. Palming. After completing the first exercise, warmed palms are applied to the closed eyes and begin to press on the eyeballs - 1 press per second and so on 30 times. After applying pressure, it is recommended to leave your palms on your eyes for a while - optimally up to 2 minutes. This exercise helps nourish the eyeball and improves the functioning of nerve endings, which, in turn, leads to normal vision and a reduction in gray hair.

  3. Effect on the ears. The clasped fingers are placed under the back of the head, pressing the palms to the ears. Then you need to start pressing on your ears at a frequency of one press per second. If painful sensations appear, the pressure should be relieved. In this way, 30 repetitions are performed. Such an effect helps improve hearing, and also, thanks to the effect on many nerve endings located in the auricles, the functioning of various organs and overall well-being improves.

  4. Facelift. The fist is placed against the lower part of the face so that the thumbs are behind the ears. Having positioned the hands in this way, perform massaging movements with the fists from the center of the chin of the kusham. This action helps to tighten the oval of the face, promotes the disappearance of the double chin, improves blood supply to tissues, and increases skin tone.
  5. Forehead massage. You must first place the palm of your right hand on your forehead, and the palm of your left hand on top. Massaging movements are performed in a circle from one edge of the forehead to the other. This effect has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the pituitary gland and helps cleanse the sinuses.

  6. Crown massage. With palms folded as in the previous exercise, stroking movements are made from one ear to the other through the parietal region. This exercise has a beneficial effect on joint function and stabilizes blood pressure.

  7. Thyroid massage. The right hand is placed on the place where the thyroid gland is located, and the left hand makes massage movements towards the center of the abdomen. At the final 30th action, both palms are placed on the navel. This exercise stimulates the thyroid gland and helps develop your own immunity.
  8. Abdominal massage. Placing your left palm on top of your right, you need to slowly massage your stomach in a circle, in a clockwise direction (moving in the opposite direction may cause problems with the intestines). This effect improves digestion and helps the normal functioning of the intestines.

  9. Shaking arms and legs. In a lying position, you need to raise your arms and legs perpendicular to the surface and shake them for half a minute. Then you need to make circular movements with your hands and feet. This exercise improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system and increases joint mobility.

Set of exercises

All elements are performed sequentially. It is important that the person lies on a flat, hard or slightly soft surface in a comfortable position. A positive attitude is an integral part of waking up quickly and doing exercises.

Rubbing hands

The hands are pressed together with palms and rubbed vigorously for about 10 seconds so that the palms quickly warm up. This exercise allows you to analyze the state of your own biofield. Hot palms after rubbing indicate that overall energy is within normal limits.

But if after 7-10 seconds of intense exposure your palms remain slightly warm, then you should check your health. Very often this phenomenon is observed in people with vegetative-vascular dystonia. Regular exercise will help you cope with this ailment, which can also be easily monitored by changes in the temperature of your palms over time after rubbing.

Eye massage

Palming is a technique for training the eyes using your fingers or palms. To perform this, you need to close your eyes and put a little pressure on them, and then release. After 30 repetitions, fingers are placed on the eyes for half a minute, and in case of vision problems, for 1.5-2 minutes.

The technique allows you to improve the nutrition of cells and receptors of the eyeball, and also helps restore natural hair color if gray strands have appeared.

Working with ears

The exercise is similar to palming, but instead of the eyes, the palms cover the ears. Pressures are applied at the same pace, that is, 1 time per second. The training element is aimed at restoring ear health.

Some people noted that after a couple of weeks of such work with the ears, signs of chronic diseases appeared, similar to an exacerbation, but without accompanying manifestations. There is no need to be scared, nor should you interrupt your exercises - you should slightly loosen the pressure to avoid severe pain. After another 2-3 weeks, the chronic disease will subside, and your hearing will improve.

Facial contour correction

Both hands are clenched into fists and applied to the face in such a way that the upper phalanges of the fingers are located in the cheek area, and the thumb is near the ear. Next, the fists are lowered along the cheekbones to the chin and intense movements begin up towards the ears. When you lower your hands down, the pressure is reduced.

Exercise improves blood circulation in epidermal cells, naturally forms the correct oval of the face and tightens skin that has lost elasticity. It copes well with morning puffiness, as it promotes accelerated lymphatic drainage.

Forehead massage

The palm is placed on the forehead and covered with the other hand. Movements to the right and left are performed in a stable rhythm, each time bringing the hands to the temples.

This element of training, with intense impact on the skin, allows you to get rid of wrinkles in the forehead area, and also has a positive effect on the condition of the sinuses, cleansing them. If you have a runny nose, you can do this exercise several times a day to make breathing easier. Morning exercise also helps improve the functioning of the pituitary gland.

Working with the crown

The peculiarity of this exercise is that you do not need to put your hands tightly to your head - it is enough to keep them at a short distance. With your hands, you form a circle above your head, placing one palm on top of the other, and begin moving from side to side, each time bringing your palms to your ear. Upon completion of the training element, the ring is fixed above the crown for half a minute, and then the hands are lowered.

This activity helps normalize blood pressure and helps the body wake up. Additionally, the shoulder joints work, which allows them to maintain their mobility. This is especially important for people with sedentary or office jobs whose shoulder joints are rarely in motion.

Working with the thyroid gland

To improve the functioning of the body's endocrine system, it is necessary to perform a gentle massage of the thyroid gland. To do this, the right hand is placed in the area of ​​the thyroid gland, clasping the neck with the thumb and forefinger. The left hand performs light strikes from above at intervals of 1-2 seconds. Upon completion of 30 repetitions, the left hand is placed on the right and fixed for 10 seconds.

Abdominal massage

The right palm is placed in the solar plexus area, the left palm is placed on top. The massage is performed in a circle, moving clockwise. This is necessary to normalize the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.


Performed only on hard surfaces. If the bed is soft, then it is best to perform this element of the workout on the floor. The arms and legs are raised up so that the feet and palms look at the floor.

At the first stage, they do a warm-up - rotate their wrists and ankles in different directions in order to better wake up and perform the second stage of the exercise.

Then they stop and shake their arms and legs intensely for about half a minute. This training improves overall blood circulation and slows down aging. If it is difficult to perform the movement with both arms and legs at the same time, then you can do it in turn. To improve the effect, shaking is done not only in the morning, but also in the evening.

Foot massage

In a sitting position, first rub one foot with intense movements, and then the other. If pain occurs during such a massage, then these areas should be given special attention. Careful treatment of the feet allows you to “turn on” many biologically active points in the body.

When the work on the feet is completed, it is recommended to rub the legs completely, starting from the bottom and gradually moving up. It is allowed to work the right leg first, and then the left.

Tibetan gymnastics for the eyes

The set of exercises is aimed at restoring the health of the visual organs and maintaining it in adulthood. To achieve the maximum effect from your training, you must follow a number of additional rules:

  • Organize your workplace in green, as it has a relaxing effect on the eyes;
  • If you feel tired, you need to lower your eyelids and gently massage your eyes for a couple of minutes;
  • Perform morning and evening washes with cool water.

Eye workout

Some people think that eye exercises are a waste of time, but they actually train the eyes and keep them healthy:

  • The index fingers are placed in front of the eyes and the gaze is fixed on their tips. Then the fingers are brought together and spread in different directions, following them with the eyes if possible.
  • The second training involves rotating your eyes clockwise and counterclockwise alternately. It is recommended to perform this with your eyelids closed so as not to lose orientation in space.
  • An excellent workout would be to move your eyes in different directions with maximum amplitude. Perform the exercise in the direction left and right, up and down and diagonally in both directions.
  • Standing near the window, you need to look at any point on the glass, and then to an object located in the distance.

Each exercise is repeated 5-10 times. At the end of the workout, blink quickly for 30-40 seconds and perform a light massage of the eyelids.

Regular use of Tibetan gymnastics helps preserve the youth of the body, heals it at the cellular level and helps stabilize the functioning of the central nervous system. As a result of this approach, the mood improves, the body's resistance to stress increases and the person feels happy.

Complex "Eye of Revival": energy - for weight loss

Tibetan hormonal gymnastics includes not only sets of exercises for performing in bed. The “Eye of Revival” or “5 Tibetan Pearls” technique is another set of exercises developed by Tibetan monks, which became widely known thanks to the works of P. Kelder.

Based on the statements of the monks themselves, the human body has a certain amount of energy cells that supply the body with energy. In case of health problems, the speed of these vortices decreases, which does not allow energy to flow to the organs in the required quantity. These exercises help launch energy flows and normalize their speed.

As a result, the body is rejuvenated, diseases recede, and metabolic processes are activated. Another result that has brought the technique wide popularity is getting rid of excess weight.

The exercises included in this gymnastic complex are recommended to be performed 1-2 times a day. The most favorable time for exercise is the morning, as gymnastics gives the body a great boost of energy and vigor. An important condition is the daily repetition of the exercises, since breaks can lead to a deterioration in well-being.

At the initial stage of training, experts advise performing each exercise no more than 5 times and gradually increasing the number of repetitions to 21. If performing more repetitions causes discomfort and unpleasant sensations, then it is recommended to slightly reduce their number. Below are the exercises of the “Eye of Rebirth” technique

Exercise 1

You need to take the starting position - stand up straight and extend your arms to your sides at a right angle. Then they begin circular movements of the body clockwise around their own axis. The minimum number of rotations is 3, the maximum is 21. If you feel dizzy, you should stop and stop performing.

Exercise 2

You need to lie on your back on a flat surface, stretch out your upper limbs and place your palms with tightly clenched fingers on the floor. After this, you should raise your head and lean the lower part of your face firmly against your chest. Then you need to raise your legs at right angles to the surface, while trying not to raise your pelvis.

When everything works out as it should, you can gradually move your legs further towards your chest without bending them at the knees. As soon as the pelvis begins to lift off the floor, it is necessary to slowly return the legs to the starting position. The main thing is to watch your breathing: at the beginning of the exercise, exhale, when raising the head and limbs, take a deep breath, and when lowering, exhale again.

Exercise 3

To perform this exercise, you need to kneel, keeping your body upright, and place your hands on the back of your thighs below your buttocks. In this case, the face should be tilted forward and the chin resting on the chest. Next, you need to throw your head back, arching your back and resting your hands on your hips. Then the head moves to its original position.

As in the previous exercise, at the very beginning you should exhale, when bending, take a deep breath, and when returning to the starting position, exhale again.

Exercise 4

Starting position: sitting on the floor with legs extended forward at a short distance from each other, the back is straight, and the palms rest on the floor on the sides of the body, the lower part of the face is pressed to the chest. You need to throw your head back and lift your body up parallel to the floor, leaning on your arms and shins, which remain in a vertical position.

Having taken this position, you should tense all your muscles for a few seconds, and then move to the starting position. Recommendations for breathing: exhale in the starting position, inhale when starting the action, hold your breath at the moment of tension, and when returning to the starting position, exhale again.

Exercise 5

To begin with, you should take a lying position, resting on your palms and toes and arching your back. Then the head begins to tilt back. Next, the buttocks rise up until an acute angle is formed, and the chin is pressed to the chest. Limbs should remain straight. After holding this position for a few seconds, you should slowly return to the starting position.

Carefully ensure that the beginning and end of the exercise correspond to exhalation, and the movement - inhalation.

Principles of proper breathing for weight loss

Proper breathing plays a huge role when performing these exercises. Tibetan monks advise, before starting to perform gymnastics, to practice breathing. Inhale through the nose and then exhale through the mouth, making the sound “he”. As you exhale, you need to mentally release all negative emotions and accumulated irritation.

Breathing is divided into 3 stages of movement:

  1. Lower diaphragmatic - while inhaling, you need to direct the diaphragm down, stick your stomach forward so that the lungs fill with air, and pull in the perineal area.
  2. Middle pectoral - you need to raise your stomach as much as possible so that the intercostal muscles expand the chest.
  3. Upper clavicular - straighten the shoulders without lifting up, allowing the neck muscles to lift the upper ribs without straining the chest. Exhalation is carried out in similar stages when moving parts of the body in the reverse order. If you inhale and exhale correctly, the body will be in additional tone during exercise, which increases their effectiveness.

Hormonal gymnastics for women's pelvic organs

Hormonal gymnastics for the pelvic organs of women
The health of the genitourinary system of women directly depends on the tone of the muscles of the perineum. With age and poor lifestyle (little movement, excess weight), muscles become weak, and this provokes the development of various inflammations.

Hormonal gymnastics for women’s pelvic organs will help restore tone to the muscles that protect the female organs from germs and inflammation. Try to do these exercises daily.

Starting position (hereinafter IP) - sit on the floor, stretch and spread your legs. Place your hands behind you. Now do these exercises:

Hormonal gymnastics for the female pelvic organs - exercises

Hormonal gymnastics for the female pelvic organs - continued

Hormonal gymnastics for the female pelvic organs - last part

The pace of each exercise is average, except for those positions where it is indicated that the pace should be slow and breathing should be even. In addition to this exercise, try to walk a lot in the fresh air. This will help restore metabolism, get rid of excess weight and restore blood circulation in the pelvic organs.

Exercises for the spine “9 threads”

“9 threads” is a type of gymnastics aimed at preventing and eliminating various spinal problems. It is recommended to perform these exercises 2 times a day. According to Tibetan practice, developing back flexibility is considered a very important factor for longevity. An obstacle to this can be the curvature of various parts of the spine: kyphosis, lordosis or scoliosis.

The “9 threads” set of exercises aims to straighten the spine and develop intervertebral discs.

The first 3 threads have the general designation “3 twists”:

  • Top twist (1st thread) aims to relax the upper body through twisting actions of the upper limbs. To perform the exercise, you need to slowly rotate your body, starting the action from your arms bent at the elbows.

  • The middle twist (2nd thread) is transformed from the top twist by pushing the pelvis forward and bending back. This transformation occurs in several stages-movements. At the same time, the direction of movement of the upper limbs changes by 90 degrees.
  • Bottom twist (3rd thread) . Movements below the waist are carried out by oppositely directed swings of the upper limbs and the leg bent at the knee.

If, when performing these exercises, a slight crunching sensation appears in the spine, then you should not be afraid of this - this is a common manifestation. You just need to avoid too sudden movements.

  • 4th thread – “See the Sky” - done slowly. The palms should be pressed one against the other at the bottom. Then the palms are turned in the opposite direction, stretching the cervical vertebra. Next, the upper limbs move upward and are thrown back while simultaneously moving the head forward. The body is stretched upward and raised on its toes, vibration occurs. At the end, you need to forcefully lower yourself onto your heels.

  • 5th thread . The upper limbs fall relaxed under their own weight and move back and forth by inertia. Next, they begin to move the upper limbs behind the spine, first with a regular lock, and then with a reverse one.
  • 6th thread – “Fix the Mountain”. With two fists you need to press on both sides of the spine in an upward direction.

  • 7th thread – “Level the Valley.” The skin on both sides of the lumbar spine is grabbed with your fingers and pulled back. With such pinches it is necessary to go down to the sacral region.
  • The 8th thread includes 3 exercises: rolling out the back and neck - first with the lower limbs bent and then straightened; stretching of the body above and below the waist area in opposite directions; vibrations passing through the tense body.

  • The final 9th ​​thread consists of back rolls, relaxation with legs thrown over the head, reverse rollout, head rotations and seated crunches.

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Features of the exercises

According to the famous yoga teacher, writer and traveler Mikhail Chittapada, the rejuvenating effect of longevity gymnastics is in the energetic impact of exercises on the endocrine glands and the improvement of hormonal levels.

As an esotericist, Chittapad advises using golden light or acquiring a golden background during classes.

No.Purpose of manipulationsExecution conditions
1Checking your energy balanceTo activate the biofield, rub your hands, joined with palms at chest level, while lying in bed on your back. However, if there is no warming up, you should not stop morning exercises.
2Eye palming (pressure)Closed eyes should be covered with just warmed palms, lightly pressing on the eyeballs at a pace of one pressure per second. Then the palms are left on the eyes for a couple of minutes
3Ear massageMassaging the entire ear will not only get rid of ear problems, but also cure other diseases thanks to the active points on the earlobe
4Face contour liftWith hands clenched into fists and thumbs straight, pointing towards the ears, massage the face. Gymnastics with fists up and down aligns the oval of the face and helps improve hearing
5Forehead massageThe right hand, covered with the left, is moved across the forehead. You should move from temple to temple at a special pace - one movement per second. The result of the exercise will be the disappearance of wrinkles and improved mental abilities.
6Impact on the headYou should place a cushion under your neck and raise your hands with intertwined fingers above your head. With your hands hanging above your head, you perform a massage of the crown (non-contact), moving from right to left, up and down. This is useful for normalizing blood pressure
7Gymnastics for the whole bodyThe right hand, placed on the thyroid gland, remains motionless. Non-contact sliding is performed with the left hand, moving over the body to the navel area and back. Exercise will strengthen the immune system and improve blood circulation.
8Abdominal treatmentThe right hand placed on the stomach is covered with the left. Massage the abdomen in a circular motion (clockwise only). This morning procedure relieves constipation and removes toxins.
9Cleansing capillariesThe arms (straight) and legs are raised up. Rotation of the feet and hands at the wrists begins simultaneously, first clockwise, then back. Then the limbs are shaken, which improves blood flow in the capillaries
10Gymnastics for feetAt the final stage, the feet are rubbed, which, like the ears, are penetrated by a network of bioactive points. The massage is performed while sitting, treating the feet, moving upward in a circular motion - from the legs to the hips

Although Mikhail Chittapad claims that it will take only 5-7 minutes of time

, in reality, completing the complex can take up to 20-30 minutes. After all, there is no need to rush into implementing longevity poses.

Some adherents of Eastern medicine advise finishing the gymnastics of Tibetan monks with additional exercises that improve spinal stretching. Performing a headstand, the birch tree exercise, as well as a shoulder stand will complement the hormonal technique and will be the key to longevity, relief from some chronic ailments, and the best prevention of oncology.

Principles of Tibetan gymnastics for the eyes

Special Tibetan eye gymnastics has a complex effect, having a positive effect on vision and the appearance of the eyes.

To achieve maximum effect, the following conditions must be observed:

  1. It is believed that green color has the most beneficial effect on vision, so when decorating your workplace, you should use green elements that give your eyes the opportunity to rest.
  2. During the day, you need to massage your eyelids with light movements of your fingers from time to time.
  3. Washing with cold water has a beneficial effect on eye health.
  4. A smile in front of the mirror and a good mood fills the eyes with positive energy.

Eye exercises

There is a basic set of eye exercises to keep them healthy.

To perform the exercises consistently you need:

  • Place your index fingers in front of your face and fix your gaze on them. Then you should spread your fingers in different directions, continuing to follow them with your eyes;

  • perform eye rotations in a circle, first in one direction and then in the other;
  • blink quickly for 1-2 minutes;
  • perform eye movements along diagonal lines;
  • move your gaze from a close object to a distant object, and then back to a close one.

Each exercise should be repeated several times, gradually increasing the number of repetitions to 10. The set of exercises should be completed by lightly massaging the eyelids.

Tibetan hormonal gymnastics, reviews and results

There are not many reviews on the Internet regarding this gymnastics and some of them are contradictory. You can find both positive and negative. To believe them or not is up to each individual.

Here are some positive reviews I found:

The complex consists of 11 exercises of 30 seconds each, so it turns out that 5 and a half minutes are enough to complete it. I think that such a simple and fast technique deserves attention. If you haven’t tried it yet, then try it, and if you are already practicing it, then share your impressions in the comments to the article.

Who does Tibetan gymnastics help and how?

Its beneficial effects are aimed at all endocrine glands that produce hormones in optimal quantities. Classes using this method can help you “return” your body to the age of 25-30 years, or keep your body in a state of youth for a long time. At the same time, the techniques are quite simple and measured, perfect for people of any age, even the elderly.

After the practices, you will not feel painful myalgia, which is famous for the consequences of any sports activities. And awakening the endocrine system, which is what this version of gymnastics is most widely famous for, will make you feel young, vigorous, healthy and slim.

The above advantages of exercises are complemented by the fact that they will not take much of your time and effort. You will spend no more than 10-15 minutes performing a standard workout, and your body will generously thank you with strength, strength and longevity.

Gymnastics that came from time immemorial

We will talk about the gymnastics of the monks of a Tibetan monastery, which has become popular these days. This gymnastics gives health and longevity due to the energetic impact on the endocrine glands, or endocrine glands. The products of the endocrine glands are hormones - biologically active substances that affect many functions and long-term processes in the body:

  • metabolism, stable indicators of the internal environment (homeostasis);
  • mental, physical and sexual development;
  • condition of tissues and organs;
  • resistance to stress, adaptability to changes in the external environment.

Tibetan gymnastics is called hormonal precisely because it affects the endocrine glands. How is the impact carried out? Hands are a wonderful instrument with special energy, and it is with the hands that all movements in gymnastics are performed.

In addition to influencing the endocrine system, gymnastics activates the internal energy flows of the body, because affects the chakras. The lymphatic system is also energetically recharged.

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