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Published: 02/08/2021

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Chia seeds, due to their nutritional properties, are classified as superfoods, that is, the healthiest food available on our planet. The inconspicuous little grains hide many valuable vitamins and minerals, as well as other nutrients that the body needs every day to function properly.

The benefit of chia seeds is that they add variety to almost every dessert. They go well with porridges, cocktails or puddings. The list of uses for the product is huge, and the amount of inspiration for creating your own chia recipes is endless.

What are these seeds hiding? Are they really good for the health of the body? Is it worth introducing them into your diet at all? How to eat chia seeds to get maximum health benefits for women, men or children and are there any contraindications for use?

  • Chia seeds - what are they, where and how do they grow?
  • Composition of microelements and nutritional value
  • Chia seeds: beneficial properties for the body
  • The healing properties of chia seeds and how to take them How much can you eat per day
  • How long should you soak chia seeds?
  • Chia seeds for weight loss
  • Can it be used if you have type 2 diabetes?
  • Contraindications and side effects
  • Chia seeds vs flax seeds: which is better?
  • Where to buy and how to store
  • What it is

    Small oval-shaped grains - the fruits of the annual Spanish sage - are what chia seeds are. The plant is native to Central America. The grains are oval, small. With light nutty notes.

    Today this crop is grown in Australia and Mexico, Guatemala and India. There are plantations in Southern European countries. This attitude towards chia seeds appeared due to their healing properties. People have seen with their own eyes that small seeds can work wonders: restore strength to patients, restore youth and beauty to the skin, treat skin rashes, and restore a slim, toned figure. Those who care about a healthy lifestyle introduce this product into their diet, claiming that such food fills them with vital energy and lightness.

    What does the plant look like?

    Spanish sage grows up to a meter in height and blooms beautiful white. There are also specimens that please the eye with crimson flowers with a blue tint. Sometimes there are red flowers, but very rarely. The plant usually grows in hilly areas.

    Annual sage. The plant has a dense long trunk and opposite, not too large, elongated leaves.


    There are black and white seeds. Both types are rich in nutrients, but there is a difference. White - from white flowers. They contain a lot of vitamins A, group B, PP, K. Many valuable microelements. It is believed that these grains help the heart function and normalize metabolism.

    White seeds are considered much healthier than black seeds; they have a higher concentration of proteins and fats. They are especially valued because of Omega acids, without which normal functioning of the body is impossible.

    But black seeds contain a lot of selenium, which is very necessary for male strength. They contain very few carbohydrates, so they help in the treatment of diabetes and reduce blood glucose levels. If you need to put your metabolism in order, first of all, add black chia seeds to your diet. These miracle seeds also help against high blood pressure.

    Composition and calorie content

    The seeds contain B vitamins, as well as PP, A, K, and minerals such as calcium and potassium, copper and manganese, phosphorus and sodium, iron and zinc. Contains Omega 3 and 6 acids.

    The product also contains proteins, oil, and fiber. There are 486 kcal per 100 grams of product.

    Reasons to Introduce Chia Chia Seeds into Your Diet

    Chia seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, providing 25-30% of their extractable oil, including α-linolenic acid. The oil composition includes up to 55% omega-3, 18% omega-6, 6% omega-9, and 10% saturated fat.

    Chia seeds have hydrophilic properties - they absorb water 12 times their own weight. When placed in water, chia seeds swell to a slimy state, which is what gives chia drinks their famous gelatinous texture.

    Chia beneficial properties

    Although the seeds of the chia-chia plant were introduced to the domestic market relatively recently, the product almost immediately began to be in great demand due to its unique beneficial properties. For example, these seeds are simply an ideal source of energy for active people. If you eat them regularly, you can almost literally forget about fatigue.

    They will also be useful in the fight against excess weight - the seeds can dull the feeling of hunger due to the fact that they swell directly in the stomach, under the influence of gastric juice. This means that people who are losing weight should also pay attention to them.

    Here are a few main reasons to start eating chia chia seeds every day:

    Omega-3 and 6 acids. Indispensable for a daily healthy human diet; they are contained in sufficient quantities in the seeds of the plant. They support stable functioning of the heart muscle. They cleanse the blood of harmful cholesterol, which accumulates in blood vessels every day. Chia chia seeds will bring undoubted benefits to people who suffer from arthritis, becoming a natural pain reliever for them.

    They will help overcome obesity of any severity. Once you start taking them, you can be sure that the excess weight that has gone away will not return even after completing the diet. Of course, if you don’t start abusing harmful products. Many nutritionists readily recommend the seeds of this plant for weight loss.

    As mentioned earlier, in the stomach these seeds mix with gastric juice and swell to a very impressive size. The resulting feeling of satiety will not allow you to eat more than you would like. Especially if the dish is high in calories.

    Chia plant seeds are excellent natural antioxidants. This means that they naturally remove a maximum of toxins and other harmful substances from the human body.

    If you eat these seeds regularly for preventive purposes, you can return the functioning of all internal organs to normal. And during cold weather, chia chia will be useful as a source of essential vitamins. And, as a bonus – prolongation of youth! Who would refuse this?

    Chia seeds how to use

    The simplest, most practical and ancient form of consumption is to simply eat the seeds raw. The health and nutritional benefits are numerous and require no preparation. Like other seeds, such as sesame seeds, chia can be lightly toasted. Hot processing results in a richer, nuttier flavor.

    They can be sprouted and added to salads. Grind and add to almost any energy/smoothie drink recipe. Use as a thickener to replace cornstarch. Or use in place of breadcrumbs in meatballs, meatloaf, or to coat chicken.

    You can even use them to replace eggs in recipes. You just need to grind the Chia seeds into powder. Use one tablespoon along with three tablespoons of water for each egg your baking recipe calls for.

    Chia seeds are sprinkled on salads, sandwiches, and eaten with hot or cold cereal with yogurt. The seeds can be mixed with water, juice or milk to form a thick drink or pudding. Can also be sprouted and eaten fresh in salads and sandwiches.

    Given the high fiber content of chia seeds and ability to grow into a gel, there is some evidence that they may work as an appetite suppressant.

    Chia beneficial properties and contraindications

    Chia chia seeds are an amazing natural remedy that will help treat hypertension. Their use will help stabilize blood pressure and keep it within normal limits. It is also useful to consume these seeds for people suffering from diseases of the endocrine system. For example, diabetes.

    Taking chia chia regularly will help lower your sugar levels. It is also impossible not to notice that over the course of three months of regular consumption of chia-chia, natural blood cleansing occurs. Which is extremely important for the health and normal functioning of the body. This fact, as a result of long research, was also confirmed by scientists from Japan.

    Chia chia, among other things, is a natural source of calcium. Which, undoubtedly, makes it a more than useful product for people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, as well as those suffering from increased bone fragility.

    If you compare the seeds of this plant with other products that contain this mineral, chia will definitely take first place. Additionally, chia-chia will be useful for proper and healthy brain function. And potassium, also contained in the seeds, will provide invaluable benefits in the form of stable activity of the heart and circulatory system.


    Chia has no cholesterol, so they are not only safe for people, but also very healthy. As a rule, the seeds are used as a seasoning for food; they go well with soups, main courses, and desserts.

    The composition of grains has a beneficial effect on the body:

    1. Improves blood pressure;
    2. Promotes skin liquefaction;
    3. Helps with constipation;
    4. Participates in supporting the heart and blood vessels;
    5. Reduces cholesterol levels;
    6. Prevents thrombus formation;
    7. Fills the body with energy;
    8. Increases performance;
    9. Strengthens the health of bones and teeth;
    10. Increases the body's protective functions;
    11. It is a good prevention of colds; protecting the body from harmful environmental factors;
    12. Prevention of oncology;
    13. Normalizes weight, relieves allergies, heals wounds;
    14. Helps strengthen memory.

    For women

    Chia seeds can help the fair half of humanity maintain beauty and youth. No wonder: normal functioning of the stomach, intestines, and internal organs leads to a fresh appearance. The seeds also help smooth the skin and make hair silky. They strengthen teeth and bones, and due to the loss of sugar, a slender waist appears.

    The body is filled with light energy, and the body itself forgets what aging is.

    For men

    Chia contains a lot of potassium, which is necessary for the normal functioning of the heart and blood vessels, as well as maintaining normal muscle mass. Therefore, men whose lives involve a lot of physical activity and stress should definitely include this product in their diet. The grains also contain selenium, which men need for sexual activity. And vitamin E and ascorbic acid help the body maintain youth longer.

    For children

    It is advisable to introduce chia seeds into a child’s diet, since the vitamin-rich product will support the young body and provide protection from external harmful factors.


    1. They will strengthen the nervous system, as it contains phosphorus;
    2. Helps heart function thanks to potassium;
    3. Increase immunity;
    4. Helps promote healthy development of the endocrine system;
    5. Thanks to the large amount of fiber, there will be good digestion;
    6. Iron and magnesium will help maintain healthy blood.


    Chia seeds should not be eaten by people with gastrointestinal problems. It is worth abandoning the “divine” seeds if allergic reactions are frequent.

    It is not recommended to be included in the diet of pregnant and lactating women, as this may adversely affect the development of the child.

    It is forbidden to use by people with diseases of the endocrine system, as well as those suffering from low blood pressure. The seeds will have a negative effect on the body if you take medications at the same time as them.

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    How to take for weight loss

    Chia seeds are praised by those who, using the seed diet, successfully achieved the desired waistline and got rid of extra pounds. The main condition is to drink plenty of fluids.

    There is another option - brewing tea using citrus zest. Can be added to drinking yoghurts.

    An indispensable condition is that grains must be eaten in the morning; they take a long time to digest, so the body does not experience hunger for a long time.

    Chia oil: application

    Chia oil helps increase the body's protective properties. It normalizes blood pressure, improves immunity, relieves fatigue and chronic irritation, supports the heart and blood vessels, makes the brain work actively, prevents the formation of blood clots, and has an anti-inflammatory effect. The oil is used for arthritis and rheumatism, as it relieves pain. It is used to treat migraines and stomach diseases. It will relieve pain during cramps and soothe neuralgia.

    Chia seed oil is taken on an empty stomach, take 15 grams. This is a good help for the body: it removes toxins and removes fat deposits. Usually the oil is used as a dietary supplement. Can also be used for dressing salads and other dishes. Regular consumption of this product helps digestion.

    In cosmetology, chia oil is used to create creams and masks. Vitamins B and E have a beneficial effect on skin and nails. The oil also helps hair restoration. It removes split ends and prevents hair loss. It can also be used to heal wounds, smooth out scars on the skin, and remove pigmentation.

    Masks made from this oil are very popular. Here are some recipes.

    With egg white

    Add a teaspoon of oil to the egg white, mix and apply to the skin. You need to wash off the mask after a quarter of an hour.

    With lavender oil

    Mix equal amounts of lavender oil and chia seed oil and apply to the sore area.

    With honey

    Mix equal amounts of chia oil and honey and apply to moisturize dry skin for a quarter of an hour. Then wash it off.

    These methods are safe but effective.

    How to use it correctly

    Chia can be eaten dry, or added to main dishes and eaten as a snack. However, we should not forget that heat treatment of seeds deprives them of most of their vitamins and healing properties. Therefore, it is advisable to add them to the finished dish.

    Do I need to wash before use?

    Unrefined grains need to be washed. Usually they are filled with water, a glass of liquid per tablespoon. These seeds infuse for some time. For some, five hours is enough, while others believe that it is better to leave it to steep overnight. The liquid is then drained. The swollen grains can be eaten or added to the main dish if desired.

    Daily norm

    For seeds to really be beneficial, you need to know when to stop. Only a small amount can be beneficial, which means they need to be eaten carefully, the initial portions are only one or two grains. The largest dose a person can eat per day is two tablespoons.

    Chia seeds: what are they?

    Chia, or Spanish sage, is an annual herb native to Central America and Mexico. Even in the times of the Aztecs, it was believed that the seeds of a medicinal plant could give strength and energy and increase stamina. Ancient men always ate a handful of a natural product before a hunt, battle or long hike. It is known that chia grains were valued and were often used as currency, sacrificed to gods, and used for other religious ceremonies.

    Spanish sage seeds are small, oval, and resemble small beans. The shiny surface of the gray, brown, white or black grains has a recognizable relief pattern. The taste is pleasant, unsaturated, nutty.

    Currently, chia is grown in Australia, Mexico, Southern Europe, and India. Under natural conditions, valuable grass grows in Guatemala and Paraguay. Seeds from these countries are more highly valued and have greater benefits.

    What you can cook: recipes

    Chia seeds are added to many dishes. Here are some interesting recipes.

    Indian drink


    A spoonful of seeds, two spoons of honey, half a grapefruit, 200 g of water.

    How to cook:

    Soak the chia by adding water. Leave overnight in the refrigerator. In the morning, squeeze the juice out of grapefruit, pour it into a glass with water and chia, stir in honey.



    A couple of eggs, a quarter glass of milk, a tablespoon of chia seeds, bell pepper - 1 pc.

    Cooking method:

    Mix eggs with milk, add grains. Chop the pepper, brown it in a frying pan with butter, pour in a mixture of milk and eggs.



    Blueberries - half a glass, coconut milk - two glasses, water - 0.5 cups, chia - a couple of spoons, dates - 6 pcs.

    How to cook:

    Pour the seeds with a mixture of milk and water. Leave for 7-8 hours. Grind. Chop the dates. Add to milk and chia mixture. Add blueberries. Mix.



    Half a glass of pomegranate juice, half a glass of water, frozen berries (any) - 200 g, seeds - two tablespoons.

    How to cook:

    Pour juice and water over the berries and seeds and place in a blender. Beat.



    ½ mango, 150 ml milk, chia seeds - 2 tablespoons, sweetener.

    How to cook:

    Pour milk over the seeds and add sweetener. Place in a cool place for 6 hours. Chop the mango, put it in a blender bowl and puree. Take the milk with the swollen grains out of the refrigerator, put it in bowls, and put mango puree on top.

    Green buckwheat porridge


    Green buckwheat - half a glass, water - a glass, 100 ml almond milk, 1 tablespoon chia seeds, a spoonful of honey.

    How to cook:

    Pour water over buckwheat and leave to swell. After swelling, drain the water and rinse again. Pour chia into almond milk and leave to swell. Mix buckwheat and chia and puree in a blender. Add honey.



    A glass of yogurt, half a glass of berries, a couple of spoons of honey and chia seeds.

    Cooking method:

    Combine berries and yogurt. Beat. Mix the seeds in honey, pour everything into yogurt with berries. Leave to swell overnight.

    Use in folk medicine

    Chia seeds can help with many diseases if consumed correctly. So, with pancreatitis, grains are eaten three times a day. Take about 1.5 spoons. Treatment should be carried out for a month. Then they take a break and then conduct the course again.

    For intestinal problems, use a couple of tablespoons of seeds per day. It is better to soak it in water and leave it to swell. In the evening, drink the infusion.

    When treating constipation, an infusion of seeds with water is also prepared. Usually take a couple of spoons for a glass of water. You can also simply eat a spoonful of grains and drink a glass of water.

    When treating gout, the seeds can be added to main dishes, salads, and sprinkled on fruit slices.

    When treating blood pressure, chia is eaten together with pumpkin. You can prepare a pumpkin dish, bake or boil it and sprinkle with seeds.

    For diabetes, it is recommended to pour chia seeds into juice and drink after swelling.

    To treat problem skin, the grains are used to create a natural scrub. So, a mixture of pureed apple mixed with honey and chia will help against acne. The skin is treated with this mixture.

    Who benefits from eating chia?

    The cholesterol level in chia seeds is zero, so they are used for additional nutrition for athletes and people with diabetes.

    The seeds are whole grains, gluten-free, and have a nutty flavor. Just one tablespoon of seeds can give a person energy for a whole day. Therefore, use this product if you feel that you do not have enough strength to survive until the evening.

    Chia is a real vitamin bomb for those who adhere to proper nutrition. They have an additional therapeutic effect in the treatment of hypertension and hormonal imbalances.

    Who benefits from eating chia?

    A diet that includes chia seeds helps reduce ghrelin, the hormone responsible for hunger, which is why they are actively used for weight loss.

    Even the ancient Aztecs considered chia seeds one of the most valuable foods; they used them to maintain physical activity.

    Fact about chia seeds

    In ancient times, they were used as currency, paid tribute to the ruler, and presented as a gift to the gods.

    Chia is native to Guatemala, Central and Southern Mexico. The plant is currently cultivated in Australia and South America. Therefore, if you live in Russia, you are unlikely to find a garden in which this crop is grown.

    So, we learned that chia seeds are used:

    • as a dietary supplement,
    • as a separate healthy food product,
    • as a medicine.

    Go ahead.


    – Chia seeds cleanse the intestines well. Every evening I drink the seeds with milk before going to bed. In the morning there are no problems with the intestines.

    Tatyana, Moscow

    – I add seeds to yoghurts and smoothies, a very good and healthy supplement. I recommend.

    Roman, Novorossiysk

    – My relative infuses chia seeds with honey and water, the result is a drink that perfectly quenches thirst on a hot day.

    Vitaly, Suzdal

    – I started buying chia seeds on the advice of a friend, she successfully lost weight on them. But I'm not for a diet. I read about them, it turns out it’s a useful thing. I eat it for health with yogurt.

    Ekaterina, Nizhny Tagil

    – I lost weight on chia seeds, added them to porridge, and made smoothies. Good seeds. She noted that there were no problems with stool.

    Olga, Sysert



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    Healthy chia seeds, once known to the Aztecs, now benefit modern people who want to improve their health and prolong their youth. The healing composition of grains allows this to be done if the gift of the gods is consumed as food in reasonable doses. Health to you and your loved ones!

    Expert opinion on the benefits of chia seeds

    The opinions of doctors and nutritionists on this issue vary, but one thing remains common - the benefits of chia seeds cannot be denied. If you decide to use them in order to lose weight or improve your health, remember that you shouldn’t get too carried away with the seeds, but they should be used in small doses.

    Some Russian doctors believe that chia seeds can be replaced with cheaper products, for example, flax seeds, sesame seeds, which also have many beneficial medicinal properties. We will also talk about these products on the pages of this blog.

    Doctor says

    Anastasia Mertsalova

    The combined opinion of doctors on this issue

    Most nutritionists agree that you will not be able to lose weight using only chia seeds, without a low-calorie diet and exercise.

    In any case, the big advantage of including chia seeds in your diet is that it will reduce the appetite of food lovers. They will eat much less, which will promote weight loss.

    Chia seeds are a superfood for weight loss. Benefits and harms, methods of use

    I tried to tell you about the seeds in as much detail as possible in this article. If you still have any questions on this topic, I will be glad to discuss them with you in the comments.

    And finally, I would like to ask you to take part in the survey below, please! For you, this is 3 extra seconds of being on this page, and for us, it is invaluable help in collecting statistics.

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