Blackcurrant: recipes for colds, vitamin deficiency and other ailments

Chemical composition of black currant

The fruits contain many beneficial properties, and all of them are due to the rich composition of the product. Currants contain:

  • vitamins C and A;
  • a significant set of B vitamins;
  • vitamin PP, also known as nicotinic acid;
  • vitamin K;
  • citric and malic acids;
  • glucose and fructose;
  • pectins;
  • flavonoids;
  • potassium and calcium;
  • iron, magnesium and phosphorus;
  • tanning components.

In terms of the content of vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, berries are confidently ahead of even lemon.

Description of black currant

This is a deciduous shrub, reaching a height of 1.5-3 m. Young currant branches are fluffy with a pale color, and adult shoots acquire a brown tint.

The leaf blades, serrated along the edges, have a 3-5-lobed shape. The length ranges from 5-12 cm. The blades are widely triangular, with the middle one being more elongated than the side ones.

Bell-shaped, five-membered flowers with oval pinkish petals are united in inflorescences, which are drooping racemes. The length varies from 3 to 9 cm. The number of buds in a brush ranges from 5 to 12 pieces.

Edible with a pleasant taste, the ripe berries acquire a black-brown color. Mass fruiting begins in July. The average yield is 45-1500 kg/ha. Ripening is uneven. Ripe fruits are collected immediately after they appear, as the berries quickly fall off.

The plant is found on the banks of water bodies, wet meadows and in undergrowth. Prefers illuminated areas, but also develops well in partial shade. Although the yield in such conditions is reduced.

When cultivating, choose loose, fertile loamy soil with good moisture. With high soil acidity, currants grow slowly and do not produce large berries.

The crop is frost-resistant, but in extreme cold it is necessary for the bushes to be completely covered with snow.

Chemical composition

The composition of black currant includes organic acids (malic, citric), glycosides, potassium, phosphorus. Tannins, zinc, iron, nitrogen and pectin compounds, flavonoids, and magnesium are present. Sugars, calcium, and silicon were detected.

Black currants also contain a variety of vitamins:

  • B1 (thiamine);
  • B2 (riboflavin);
  • E (tocopherol);
  • B3 (nicotinic acid);
  • P (rutin);
  • B5 (pantothenic acid);
  • B6 (pyridoxine);
  • B7 (biotin);
  • B9 (folic acid);
  • K (phylloquinone);
  • provitamin A;
  • C (ascorbic acid) - 0.17-0.19%.

The nutritional value of blackcurrant berries is due to the presence in the composition:

  • proteins (0.9-1.2%);
  • fats (0.34-0.45%);
  • carbohydrates (6.8-7.6%);
  • water (79-85%);
  • dietary fiber (4.4-5.0%).

The calorie content of black currants per 100 grams averages 44-63 kcal.

Blackcurrant leaves contain phytoncides, vitamin C, essential oils, and carotene.

What are the benefits of black currant for the body?

If you eat small black fruits on a regular basis, then the benefits of black currants for the human body will not be slow to manifest themselves. The product has a positive effect on almost the entire body. Namely:

  • serves as an excellent antipyretic and strengthening agent;
  • acts as a good natural diuretic;
  • helps fight inflammation of any nature;
  • has a tonic and at the same time calming effect, which is very beneficial for the nervous system;
  • helps rid the body of accumulated toxins during a diet;
  • has a beneficial effect on the skeletal system and is very useful for rheumatism;
  • strengthens vascular walls and protects the heart, promoting its normal functioning;
  • has a beneficial effect on metabolism and strengthens the intestines and stomach;
  • can serve as a prevention of oncology, as it promotes cell renewal.

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blackcurrants increase or decrease blood pressure? Hypertensive patients will be able to appreciate the properties of the product, since blood pressure decreases when consuming black berries. But people with chronically low blood pressure should exercise caution.

For women

The particular benefit of berries for women is that the product has a rejuvenating effect on the body. This manifests itself both in an improvement in overall well-being and in appearance - the skin becomes smoother and cleaner, and the condition of the hair improves.

Currants help with problematic menstruation and during menopause - it alleviates PMS and makes it easier to endure the unpleasant symptoms of menopause. With the help of black currants you can quickly lose weight - it is part of many diets.

For men

The value of the product for men lies in the fact that fresh chokeberry, dishes and drinks based on it strengthen the heart and clear blood vessels of cholesterol. This is the benefit of black currant for the liver - the berry helps the body’s natural “filter” work.

Currants also protect men from heart attacks and strokes, to which the stronger sex is especially prone. In adulthood, it is useful for men to use the product as a preventive measure for Alzheimer's disease.

For children

In general, black sweet berries are very useful for babies. But a child is often allergic to black currants - therefore, the product should be introduced into the diet for the first time only after 7 months of life, and in boiled form. The vitamins present in the product can protect the child from anemia and colds.

Attention! Since in some situations chokeberry can be strictly contraindicated, before introducing it into the diet, you should definitely consult with your pediatrician.

Who benefits from red currants?

Due to the presence of coumarin substances, red currants are very useful for people as a preventive measure for diseases of the circulatory system, including heart attacks and strokes. It reduces blood clotting, as a result, helps the body bind cholesterol and prevent the development of atherosclerosis.

This is why red currants are so beneficial for older people, especially since they fill the body with energy and help with fatigue.

Red currants are also recommended for consumption by professional athletes if they need to restore or maintain strength for training and competitions.

If you need to get rid of such a nuisance as constipation, just add 3 tablespoons of berries to a glass of hot water, then leave for 4 hours. The resulting infusion should be taken 3 times a day, a quarter glass, half an hour before meals.

If you want to lose weight, you will find it very useful to include red currants in your diet. It has a very low calorie content, but at the same time saturates the body with a wide range of beneficial vitamins and minerals: this is why nutritionists often include it in the menu of their patients.

The benefits of red currants for men

Men should pay special attention to red currant berries, as they are able to saturate the body with useful substances, maintain good vision and help normal kidney function.

The use of red currant is very important for those men whose work and daily activities involve regular physical activity.

The fact is that red currants help to quickly restore expended energy, as well as maintain the heart and blood vessels in ideal condition. Vitamin A contained in red currants helps minimize inflammatory processes, including those on the skin, and also helps maintain male reproductive health.

Benefits for women

The combination of vitamin A and vitamin E in red currant berries gives an amazing and very useful result for women. In folk medicine, red currants are called the berry of female beauty: if you regularly use it in food, a positive effect will very quickly become noticeable: better hair, stronger nails and more beautiful skin.

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In addition to ingestion, red currant is used as a decoction, which is added to cosmetics for daily use, and from which masks are made. The decoction also helps those women who want to achieve a natural and beautiful complexion, but have too pale skin: red currant stimulates blood circulation, gets rid of blood clots and makes you look blooming.

Can pregnant and nursing mothers eat blackcurrants?

The benefits of black currant for pregnant women are quite great. First of all, the product saturates the body with essential vitamins and minerals, strengthens it, and protects against colds. Berries can be used to treat influenza or ARVI that has already appeared in cases where the use of medications is undesirable. Thanks to its positive effect on the stomach, the properties of the berry will help cope with attacks of nausea.

But with blackcurrant while breastfeeding, it is better to wait 4 months after giving birth before returning the berry to the list of permitted foods. It can harm the baby if the baby develops allergies. In addition, not all substances present in the berries can be digested by the child’s delicate body immediately.

Are dried and frozen currants healthy?

Fruits collected from the bush are not stored for long, and currants are usually dried or frozen - then their shelf life increases up to a year. But a logical question arises: is there any benefit to frozen blackcurrants or dried berries?

Drying and freezing do not affect the value of the berries in any way - the fruits retain their full range of vitamins and elements. Of course, this is true provided that the processing is carried out correctly. Berries should be frozen only at very low temperatures (-18 degrees or lower), and dried in the shade, with good ventilation, preventing moisture from accumulating in the berries.

Advice: after storing in the freezer, it is not recommended to defrost the product and then put it in the cold again - in this case, the benefits of frozen currants will disappear.

Dried currants: beneficial properties

Dried berries are not inferior in their beneficial qualities to fresh ones. Dried currants have anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, and immune-strengthening properties. Freshly brewed tea from dried berries and currant leaves is drunk for colds and respiratory problems.

Currants take a leading position among other berries in terms of the content of nutrients. This includes folic acid, vitamins B, C, P, E, K, and zinc, iron, manganese, and copper.

To prevent chronic diseases, dried currants are used for problems with the cardiovascular system, kidney function, and gastrointestinal tract. Thanks to brewed dried fruits, you can also cleanse the body of toxins and waste. Eating currants also reduces the risk of cancer and Alzheimer's disease.

Recipes with blackcurrant in folk medicine

The beneficial properties of black berries are the reason why currants can often be found in home medicine recipes. In one form or another it is used to treat:

  • vitamin deficiency and colds;
  • atherosclerosis and scurvy;
  • diarrhea and diarrhea;
  • cystitis and edema;
  • gastritis with low acidity.

Blackcurrant treatment is also carried out externally - currant-based formulations can treat skin lesions, cuts, and dermatitis.

Blackcurrant juice

Most often, freshly squeezed currant juice is taken as a remedy. It's easy to make - you just need to mash a sufficient number of berries and pass the juice through folded gauze. The drink will be beneficial for:

  • gastritis and indigestion;
  • colds, sore throat, bronchitis;
  • with cardiac arrhythmia and high blood pressure.

The juice is also highly recommended for use in diabetes and as a cold prevention. They drink it little by little, three times a day, just a few sips. It is better to take the product shortly before meals. If the juice is used to treat a cold, it must first be warmed to at least room temperature.

You can gargle a sore throat or gums with fresh currant juice - it will have an antiseptic and mild analgesic effect. In case of irritation and damage to the skin, you can lubricate the sore areas with juice - the product will promote healing.

Blackcurrant tincture with vodka

A valuable currant medicinal product is prepared using alcohol. A handful of fresh or dried currant berries is poured with a sufficient amount of vodka, the vessel is tightly sealed and the tincture is put in a dark place for 3 weeks.

Periodically, the product should be taken out and shaken, and after the tincture is completely ready, it needs to be strained.

With the help of the drink you can treat cold symptoms and inflammatory processes in the body. The main condition is to take the tincture no more than three times a day, and only 1 small spoon. Treatment cannot be continued for longer than 10 days - otherwise the benefits of the drink will turn out to be harmful.

Important! Alcoholic tincture of black currants should not be abused; the product is allowed only in minimal dosages. It is also worth protecting children and teenagers from it.

Blackcurrant infusion

A drink that is quick to prepare and very useful for treatment is an infusion of blackcurrant leaves or berries. The berries can simply be poured with boiling water, and the leaves must first be crushed. The hot infusion is kept for half an hour, and then filtered through cheesecloth or a fine sieve.

The infusion is taken orally in the amount of half a glass, shortly before eating. Black currant infusion is useful for the intestines; it helps relieve exacerbations of gastritis. You can also drink it simply to strengthen the body, adding a little honey to it, or gargle when you have a cold - no more than 5 times a day.

Blackcurrant decoction

Most often, a decoction is prepared from dried currant berries - they contain the highest concentration of nutrients. Pour a few tablespoons of raw material into a small saucepan, add water and boil for 10 minutes. When the broth is ready, you will need to keep it covered for another hour.

  • The drug effectively reduces high blood pressure if taken three times a day, several sips.
  • The decoction also serves as a good diaphoretic for colds and relieves fever.
  • For diarrhea, it is recommended to take 1 large spoon three times a day; the same dosage is prescribed when using the decoction as a diuretic for edema.

Black currant ointment

The properties of chokeberry, or rather, the ointment prepared on its basis, are often used to treat skin ailments. An ointment is prepared from two components - 20 ml of fresh currant juice and 80 g of rendered interior fat.

The ingredients are mixed until completely homogeneous, and then treated with homemade ointment on irritations, abrasions, cuts, bruises and healing burns. The properties of berries and fat have a beneficial effect on the skin - cleans cuts and abrasions, relieves inflammation and swelling, and promotes rapid skin restoration.

Black currant for diabetes

Since the product contains sugar, many people believe that black currants are prohibited for diabetes. This is not true - the sugars in berries are vegetable, the glycemic index is about 15 units. When consumed, the glucose level rises slightly and slowly, so no harm is caused to health.

At the same time, the beneficial properties of currants help improve the functioning of the pancreas, intestines, and kidneys; black currants are good for the heart. For diabetes, the product protects against many complications that may appear due to the disease. In small quantities, the berries are highly recommended for consumption and provide only benefits.

Important! Diabetics are allowed fresh currants and drinks based on them that do not contain sugar. But preserves, jams, and sweetened juices should be excluded from the diet.

What vitamins does black berry contain?

The main vitamins in black currant are C and P. Their combination provides a healing effect on the heart and blood vessels, helps in cases of irradiation, and eliminates vitamin deficiency. The amount of vitamin C depends on the quality of agricultural technology. If a shrub grows on fertile soil and receives enough heat, moisture and fertilizer, then the crop grows more usefully. Varieties with a high content of vitamin C include Swan, Green Haze, Talisman and Fairy of the Night.

In order for the body to receive the daily requirement of vitamins C and P, it is enough to eat 50 g of berries.

Before you find out why black currant is useful, you need to remember that the fruit contains B vitamins, vitamin A, K, H, and folic acid, which are necessary for the body. Currants are recommended for pregnant women because of their folic acid content, a valuable substance for women’s health and normal fetal development. The fruits contain pectin, flavonoids, sugars, organic acids, rutin, phytoncides and minerals, including potassium, calcium, iron, copper, magnesium and others.

Chemical composition of berries

In terms of ascorbic acid content, the fruit crop ranks 3rd after rosehip and actinidia, but is 5 times higher than the beloved strawberry, 8 times higher than citrus fruits, and 100 times higher than grapes.

  • How much vitamin C remains in black currants after heat treatment?

The harvest of all varieties is suitable for long-term storage, and vitamin C is little destroyed. In frozen berries it remains from 40 to 70%, in juices and canned food – from 40 to 100%. When dried, only 20% of vitamin C can be detected. Therefore, the most rational way to prepare for future use is currants with sugar without cooking. It is tasty, healthy, appetizing.

The benefits of blackcurrant preparations

As a rule, fresh currant berries are eaten only during the harvest period and not long after. And throughout the rest of the year, the product is used to prepare all kinds of preparations with long shelf life. And each of these healthy preparations has not only excellent taste, but also value for the body.

Benefits of blackcurrant jam

Sweet, tasty and nutritious black fruit jam is an excellent remedy for many diseases. First of all, jam has anti-cold properties - if you eat it with tea for prevention and treatment, then ARVI and influenza viruses will not harm the body.

The benefit of currant jam is that the delicacy helps get rid of the symptoms of anemia and atherosclerosis, helps cure gastritis and even helps with tuberculosis. Even official medicine recommends eating dessert.

What are the benefits of blackcurrant juice?

Strengthening, vitamin-rich and delicious currant juice is one of the healthiest berry-based drinks. The fact is that in the preparation of fruit drinks, the fruits are almost not subjected to high-temperature treatment - accordingly, the beneficial properties are preserved to the maximum.

Chokeberry juice contains a huge amount of vitamin C, folic acid, potassium and iron. Drinking fruit juice is useful for the prevention of all kinds of ailments, for strengthening blood vessels and for normalizing intestinal function. The drink relieves thirst for a long time, slightly tones, and regulates appetite. Fruit juice is a good natural diuretic and can help get rid of edema.

Beneficial properties of blackcurrant compote

Blackcurrant compote is slightly less healthy than fruit juice or fresh berries. But at the same time it still retains valuable properties. The sour compote is low in calories and contains a lot of essential microelements, acids and vitamins.

The benefits of currant compote are the same both cold and hot. A cool drink in the summer heat will help restore fluid balance in the body, and in winter it will allow you to warm up properly. Compote is drunk to restore gastric secretion and to treat colds; during ARVI, the hot remedy helps to sweat and relieve fever. You can offer blackcurrant compote to your child - the drink is approved for children from 7 months of age.

Properly preserved compote can be stored for several months. It can be consumed in winter - and get all the vitamins that are missing during the cold season.

The benefits of blackcurrant jelly

Blackcurrant jelly is best consumed for acute and chronic diseases of the stomach and intestines. In the form of jelly, black currant is very useful for stomach ulcers - the viscous drink envelops the mucous membranes, does not cause unnecessary irritation, and promotes healing.

Blackcurrant jelly is no less useful for gastritis with high acidity. It is better to avoid fresh berries and concentrated juices in case of such an illness, but an enveloping drink will have a very beneficial effect on gastric functions and will not cause unnecessary harm.

The benefits and harms of blackcurrant wine

Typically, alcoholic drinks are valued for their pleasant taste. But purchased or homemade blackcurrant wine also has valuable health properties. It is involved in the process of hematopoiesis, protects against anemia and helps maintain hemoglobin at normal levels. Currant wine strengthens the heart and prevents the development of tachycardia, has a beneficial effect on blood vessels and makes their walls more elastic.

But of course, you can only drink alcohol occasionally - and in small quantities. A couple of glasses a week will be enough. If you abuse chokeberry wine, it will only cause harm.

The benefits of black currant for women

For women, black currant is a remedy that will relieve swelling and stabilize blood pressure. It helps get rid of bacteria in the mouth. With the help of berries you can get rid of a sore throat as quickly as possible.

Currants relieve skin blemishes and many dermatological problems, including acne. The effect is achieved due to the presence of collagen and vitamin C in the fruits. Linolenic acid prevents hair loss and eliminates fragility.

Berries are effective in preventing cancer. As is known, the provocateur of this disease is free radicals, which currants remove from the body. Therefore, if a woman has a tendency to develop cancer, then she is recommended to eat berries on a regular basis.

These delicious berries help cope with PMS and eliminate pain in the chest and pelvic area. They help eliminate the symptoms of menopause and get rid of hot flashes.

The use of black currant in cosmetology

The beneficial properties of small berries are also highly valued in the cosmetic field. The vitamins present in the fruits have an extremely positive effect on the condition of the skin, nails, and hair follicles. Blackcurrant in one volume or another can often be seen in the composition of personal care products - it is found in masks and creams, lotions and peeling compositions, scrubs.

Properly mashed pulp is used in homemade health-improving compositions - the benefit of a currant face mask is that the product rejuvenates and tightens the skin. Decoctions are prepared from the leaves and fruits of the berry bush for rinsing hair - with regular use, curls gain strength, volume and shine.

Harm of black currant and contraindications

Whatever the benefits of chokeberry, in some situations it can be harmful. You should not eat black berries if you have the following diseases:

  • gastritis with high acidity - with the exception of jelly;
  • thrombophlebitis and tendency to varicose veins;
  • inflammation of the pancreas in the acute stage - black currant will have an irritating effect in pancreatitis;
  • individual allergy to the fruits of berry bushes.

You should eat currants with great caution if you have hypotension. Since the fruits have blood pressure-lowering properties, overuse can be harmful to the body.

How much blackcurrant can you eat per day without harm to your health?

The maximum allowed daily consumption of blackcurrant (without harm to the human body) is up to 0.5 kg. – for adults and up to 0.2 kg. - for children. It is advisable to eat all the berries not in one sitting, but in several. It is recommended to limit the consumption of berries by pregnant women (no more than 150 grams per day).

Important! Exceeding the daily norm may cause an allergic reaction. In addition, this is fraught with an excessive increase in stomach acidity.

Collection and storage of black currants

Black currant fruits are harvested during the ripening period, and during the season you can get 2 or 3 harvests at once - the berries ripen at different times.

  • Currants that are planned to be consumed fresh can be immediately put in the refrigerator.
  • Berries that will be dried in the future should be spread out in an even layer in a shaded place with good access to fresh air and slightly dried. Then they will need to be dried at a temperature of about 40 degrees, and then dried completely - naturally or in the oven at 60 degrees.
  • Dry berries are frozen at a temperature no higher than – 18 degrees, and re-freezing should be avoided in the future.

Fresh chokeberry retains its taste and beneficial properties for about a month in the refrigerator. Frozen or dried fruits can be stored for a year or more without loss of valuable qualities - provided that the storage rules are fully followed.

Black currants: how to dry

For drying, it is important to use fresh, ripened fruits. After harvesting, it is necessary to carefully sort everything out, wash it, and dry it so that during the process of harvesting and use you do not encounter sour, rotten, spoiled, contaminated berries.

After preparation, a suitable drying method is selected from the following options:

  1. On open air. In this case, no heat treatment is required, but a lot of time is required. The prepared fruits are laid out on wooden trays or paper, taken to ventilated places without direct sunlight, covered with gauze, and stirred periodically.
  2. In the microwave. Suitable for small volume workpieces. A napkin is laid on a glass stand, berries are poured in, and a second napkin is placed on top. At a power of 200 W, drying takes place for 5 minutes. If necessary, the currants are dried in batches of 30-40 seconds.
  3. In the oven. Often combined with previous air drying. The fruits are laid out in one layer on baking sheets covered with foil or special paper. The berries are dried for 50-60 minutes at a temperature of 45-50 degrees, then cooled and placed in the oven again for 1.5-2 hours at 70 degrees. It is important to constantly check the level of readiness.
  4. In an electric dryer. If there is a device in the house, it is considered the simplest and most effective way. Drying is carried out at a temperature of 50-55 degrees for 40-50 hours. The time spent in the dryer is set in accordance with the instructions or is visually regulated based on the condition of the berries.

Completely dried currants look wrinkled and when squeezed in the hand they do not stick to the skin or to each other. The berry is stored for 2 years in convenient containers (bags, jars, baskets) in a closed state to protect it from pests.

Dried black currant is used to prepare healing and preventive decoctions, infusions, teas, compotes, for which vitamin preparations are also prepared with the addition of other berries. In cooking, the fruits are added to baked goods, sweets, creams, yoghurts, and used in recipes for marinades and meat dishes. Any holiday can be complemented with liqueurs, wines, and currant infusions.

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