Treatment of deprivation in infants with folk remedies

Varieties of lichen

Ringworm often occurs in children of preschool and school age, which is due to their constant presence in groups, visiting public places, and contact with street and domestic animals.

The most common types:

  • ringworm is a fungal disease caused by contact with sick animals and people;
  • Zhiber's pityriasis rosea is transmitted by viruses by contact or airborne droplets;
  • The cause of shingles is the herpes virus type 3, transmitted by contact and through the air.

With low immunity and vitamin deficiency, pityriasis versicolor is also possible.

Treatment of pityriasis rosea with medications

Treatment for pityriasis rosea is carried out exclusively at home. Treatment methods for pityriasis rosea in children and adults are the same. Antibacterial and antiallergic agents are prescribed for oral administration and external ointments based on glucocorticoids and corticosteroids. These ointments themselves have an antipruritic effect, but there are cases when this symptom is very pronounced, especially in children. Antiallergic agents that relieve skin itching, for example Cetrin, Cetrilev, Eden, would be appropriate here. Hormonal ointments must be selected according to the age of the child. The majority of drugs are prescribed for children over 6 years of age. But there are ointments that can be used for children from 6 months (Metizolon, Klobeskin).

How to identify lichen at home in children

We deprive children of becoming infected at any time of the year: in the heat they get viral forms, in damp, cold weather they get fungal forms.

Symptoms of different types of lichen differ already in the initial stages:

  • With ringworm, patches of baldness form on the scalp and a slight itch is felt.
  • Pityriasis rosea - after the appearance of spots, pink or brownish, bordered by a red stripe, small secondary ones appear after 1-2 weeks.
  • The areas of pityriasis versicolor that appear on the head and shoulders become covered with scales and gradually merge.
  • Blisters appear on red spots in the torso area with shingles. There is pain in the affected areas of the skin and itching.

If signs of lichen appear, you need to check the child’s skin and hair, try to alleviate his condition and seek medical advice.

How to cure lichen in a child using folk remedies

A dermatologist should diagnose the disease and prescribe a treatment regimen. After medical consultation, you can treat lichen in children at home, using traditional recipes along with medications.

Recipes with tar

To treat skin diseases, traditional medicine uses birch tar, which has unique properties:

  • has antimicrobial, antifungal, analgesic effects;
  • promotes skin cell regeneration;
  • reduces skin itching.

Ringworm is treated with pharmaceutical tar and tar soap.
Tar is mixed with other products, their choice is determined by a dermatologist. Before use, you must ensure that your child is not allergic to any of the components. Traditional medicine offers the following recipes for children:

  • Tar lotions with fish oil in a 1:1 ratio. Multi-layer gauze pads are soaked in the mixture and applied to the inflamed areas overnight, securing with a bandage. If an allergy occurs, the drug is discontinued.
  • Lotions made from a mixture of tar with high-quality butter (1:1) or pork fat are used for pityriasis rosea. If the skin area is damp after the compress, apply salicylic-zinc ointment.
  • Pityriasis versicolor in a child is cured by a mixture of tar, castor oil and salicylic acid in a ratio of 2:1:1. Apply to sore spots, cover with gauze, and bandage.
  • If lichen occurs on the hand, the child washes the sore spot with tar soap foam several times a day. Wash off after the foam dries.

Tar, while relieving inflammation and itching, is not the main remedy, but only an element of drug therapy.

Herbal decoctions and infusions for oral administration

Orally, for lichen in a child, medicinal herbs are used that increase immunity and have an anti-inflammatory effect:

  • Pour a tablespoon of bearberry root into a glass of boiling water, let it boil, leave for 5-6 hours. Take 1 tsp before meals.
  • For herpes zoster 2 tbsp. l. pour 200 ml of boiling water over a mixture of tansy and wormwood, leave in a water bath for 20 minutes, strain. Drink warm infusion 1 tbsp. l. before eating.
  • A decoction of birch buds is effective for all types of dermatoses. Need 1 tsp. Pour the product into a glass of boiling water and simmer over low heat for 15 minutes. Cool for an hour and a half, take 1 tbsp. l. after meal.

Use herbs internally with great caution, making sure that the child does not have allergies or gastrointestinal disorders.

Essential oils

Extracts from plants are effective for skin diseases. Undiluted oils are not recommended for children; after an allergenicity test, they are mixed with creams or ointments.

For lichen in a child, tea tree, eucalyptus, bergamot, mint, and geranium oils, which have anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and wound-healing properties, are recommended.

Folk remedies for lichen in children are prescribed in combinations:

  • add 1-2 drops of eucalyptus and geranium oils to 1 tbsp. l. olive oil, apply to affected areas three times a day;
  • for shingles, take a bath by adding 1 ml of oil to water at a temperature of 36-38°C;
  • in 1 tbsp. l. add 5 drops of boiled water. geranium and lemon oils, moisten a napkin with the solution, apply to the affected area for 5-7 minutes, blot;
  • pityriasis rosea is treated by lubricating the affected areas at night with a mixture of 200 mg of zinc ointment or baby cream with 1-2 ml of various essential oils.

Although essential oils are an aid, their use shortens the duration of the disease by 5-7 days.

Alcohol tinctures for lubricating spots

Tinctures of medicinal herbs in alcohol for lichen in children reduce the likelihood of infection of wounds and reduce itching.

For the preparation of alcoholic tinctures, celandine, calendula, St. John's wort, and meadowsweet are recommended. Prepare the product in a mayonnaise jar or other glass container with a volume of 250 ml:

  • add dry chopped grass up to the shoulders;
  • pour in diluted alcohol (1:1) or vodka, close tightly;
  • wrap it up, leave it warm for a day;
  • lubricate the affected areas 2-4 times a day.

Shingles in a child is treated with a tincture of unripe walnut kernels:

  • 200 g of crushed raw materials, pour 1 liter of vodka, close tightly;
  • leave for 10-15 days in a cool, dark room;
  • wipe the skin 2-3 times a day;
  • Store the tincture in the dark for up to 5 years.

A simple and effective folk remedy is made from a ready-made pharmacy tincture of iodine and vodka, for which the ingredients are mixed in a 1:1 ratio.

Children under 7 years old are allowed vodka tinctures only in diluted form. To do this, you need to add boiled water in a 1:1 ratio.

Application of garlic

Garlic has a disinfecting effect, reduces itching, and prevents complications. Traditional medicine suggests using it in combination with other products:

  • Grind 3 cloves, mix with 3 tbsp. l. honey Apply to affected skin for 10-15 minutes. With the help of this composition you can cure ringworm, pink, pityriasis versicolor.
  • Ringworm is treated with an infusion of a mixture of garlic and glycerin. 5-6 mashed cloves are poured with a liter of glycerin and left for a day. Apply similarly to the previous recipe.
  • If you mix several crushed cloves with 2-3 glasses of apple cider vinegar and leave in a dark place for 10 days, you will get an effective lotion for pityriasis rosea.

Garlic is also used as a separate remedy, lubricating itchy areas with juice. After drying (preferably in the sun), wash off using tar soap.

Bee products

Honey and propolis contain biologically active substances that have anti-inflammatory and regenerating effects, which allows you to choose the optimal treatment for:

  • grind 50 g of propolis, pour in 200 ml of vodka, leave in the dark until completely dissolved, wipe the affected areas;
  • for shingles, mix 1 tbsp. l. honey with 1 tsp. salt, lubricate the affected areas 2-3 times a day;
  • apply a compress to the skin from a mixture of 1 tbsp. l. honey and one finely grated beetroot helps with pityriasis rosea.

Ringworm in a child goes away quickly when using lotions:

  • pour 100 g of fish oil or sea buckthorn oil into an enamel bowl, add 15 g of grated, pre-frozen propolis;
  • dissolve propolis in a boiling water bath;
  • Apply to affected areas twice daily.

These methods can be used to treat children only after an allergy test.


In complex therapy for deprivation, lemon is used due to its vitamin composition and antimycotic properties. It can be used separately by placing thin slices on the affected skin for 2-3 minutes. The procedure is repeated every 3 hours.

Ringworm and rosacea are treated by applying a paste of 5 cloves of garlic and grated lemon peel to the painful areas. Do this before going to bed, cover the top with a gauze cloth, and secure with a bandage. In the morning, wash off thoroughly. At the same time, herbal tea with lemon is given twice a day, which will strengthen the child’s immunity.

To find out how to treat ringworm with lemon correctly, you need to consult a doctor who will recommend effective folk remedies.


The medicinal properties of aloe help to remove lichen from a child in several ways:

  • moisten the child’s damaged skin with freshly squeezed juice, rinse after a couple of minutes;
  • several times a day, apply pieces of leaf to the inflamed areas, after cutting it lengthwise;
  • from the juice of 3-5 aloe leaves, 1 tbsp. l. prepare an ointment with fish oil and the same amount of honey, lubricate the affected areas with it, cover with a napkin, fix and leave overnight;
  • 1 tbsp. l. mix aloe juice with 50 ml of water, boil for 2 minutes after an hour, swab the affected areas 3-4 times a day.

The pharmaceutical ointment Liniment Aloe, which, in addition to juice, contains eucalyptus and castor oils, is effective for the disease.


If a child has lichen, recipes with table (9%) and apple (6%) vinegar will help relieve inflammation and itching:

  • for shingles, mix 1 tbsp. l. 9% vinegar with 1 tbsp. l. honey and one chicken egg, pour 1 liter of olive oil, apply before bed for 10 minutes;
  • moisten the affected areas with a mixture of apple cider vinegar and honey (1:1) 1-2 times a day;
  • 1 tbsp. l. Mix 9% vinegar with 1 tbsp. l. butter, add 1 tsp. cranberry juice, rub into sore skin twice a day.

When using these recipes, you need to make sure that the vinegar does not get on healthy skin.

Unusual ways with ash and ash

These recipes for treating lichen in a child are outdated, so they should be used with caution:

  • ash and resin obtained from burning pipe tobacco are applied to the wounds once a day;
  • mix ashes and soot from a burnt newspaper with petroleum jelly and apply to the skin in the morning and before bed;
  • dilute the ash obtained from a dried sunflower head (without seeds) with purified vegetable oil and rub into the skin;
  • mix a handful of birch ash with 1 tbsp. l. honey, apply a thin layer to the skin for a couple of hours in the morning.

It is recommended to first consult a specialist and conduct an allergy test.

Other recipes

For fungal lichen, moisten the affected areas with your own saliva in the morning (before brushing your teeth). Alternate application of tincture of iodine and brilliant green, a strong solution of potassium permanganate, sea buckthorn oil, and eucalyptus decoction are effective.

Ringworm spots on the face and neck are smeared several times a day with the juicy side of broken raisins.

Treatment of ringworm with medications

Ringworm most often affects children. Its localization is the head, face, neck and shoulders. You can get infected from a sick animal or person (if you use the same comb). Since the causative agent is a fungus, this type of deprivation can be treated with drugs to which it is sensitive. Cure the disease at home is not difficult if you follow some rules. Treatment must be comprehensive. For this purpose, local remedies and oral medications are used.

Local treatment consists of the use of antifungal ointments or creams

If the scalp is affected (mainly in children), then use shampoos. The ointments contain the active ingredients ketoconazole, miconazole, clotrimazole and terbinafine. Shampoos have exactly the same composition. The highest probability of curing ringworm is if you take terbinafine-based drugs orally and topically. It is to this agent that the fungus is more sensitive.

Children are also prescribed the drug Griseofulvin, which has an antimycotic effect. The course of treatment for this drug is determined individually. Take until symptoms disappear. But at the same time, the child’s weight must be at least 25 kg. In other cases, the treatment of ringworm in children is limited to local remedies. During the entire period of treatment for ringworm, scrapings are taken to understand what stage the disease is at.

What is prohibited to do

When deprived, the child’s health is at risk. Therefore, if a diagnosis is made and treatment is prescribed, children and parents should know what not to do in order to get rid of lichen faster.

The patient is not allowed:

  • scratch itchy areas;
  • take a bath daily;
  • use other people's personal hygiene products;
  • visit the pool, sauna;
  • stay in the sun or cold for a long time;
  • wear synthetic clothes;
  • actively engage in sports.

Parents should not independently prescribe medications or untested folk remedies to their child, or create stressful situations at home. You need to keep his clothes and bed linen clean.

The child needs good nutrition. If there is a lack of vegetables and fruits, in consultation with the doctor, vitamin complexes and immunity boosters are given.

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